Walker Junior Headphone Review

At Gadgetsteria, we’ve been able to review a lot of audio devices, from speakers to headphones, and I’m happy to present the Walker Junior from I-MEGO.  First, if you’re unfamiliar with I-MEGO, you should know they’re a company based in Austin, TX who focuses their efforts on headphones (on-ear, over-ear and in-ear).  The Walker Junior is a sleek looking set, fitting well and providing a nice build quality.

Hardware & Fit

As you can see in the images above & below, the hardware itself is very nice looking, offering a comfortable fit with a trendy design.  If you listened to my wife, you’d think I have larger ears, which makes me that much more satisfied that the over-ear fit from the Walker Junior felt nice.  I’ve enjoyed the fit of these headphones for hours, because of the padding and the synthetic leather on each ear pad.

Included in the packaging is a stylish mesh carrying bag, adapter, AAA battery and the 3.5mm connection cord.  One thing I like about the cord + headphones themselves is that the plug can be completely removed so that packing & storage are easier.

Sound Quality

One of the great things about the Walker Junior set is that they offer an incredibly competent noise-cancelling feature.  Does it work?  Well, after unpacking the set, I placed them on my ears and asked my wife to say something…to my surprise, without even playing music I couldn’t hear her.  (Side Note: aside from audiophiles, perhaps I-MEGO is looking to cater to disgruntled husbands?)

In my use, listening to music ranging from rap to rock, a touch of country and a hint of pop, the sound is pleasantly real.  The bass is ample, the high’s come clean and, in general, you can expect to bounce your head endlessly when listening through the Walker Junior’s.


I-MEGO makes a fine product in the Walker Junior, and at $139.99 currently on sale on Amazon for $82, I feel they make a very competitive solution to other leading over-the-ear headphones.  While this review is specifically for the Walker Junior, I’d also mention that I-MEGO offers another over-ear headphone in the Throne Series - at $129.99 they also look nice and offer a different aesthetic option, hitting on the old-school microphone look.  As we enter the holiday season, if you’ve got someone looking for a headphone set that makes travel easy and offers high quality sound, the Walker Junior should be on your gift list!

Gadgetsteria score: 8/10

Thank you to I-MEGO and Max Borges for the review unit!