Kickstarter: Universal Mini Stand For Your iPhone

I know we’ve been posting a lot of Kickstarter projects lately, but some of them just seem too good to pass up. One of those is the new Universal Mini Stand by TABU Design based out of Boston, MA. TABU is known for creating unique, vibrant and highly useful accessories, and their latest attempt is no different.

The Universal Mini Stand is actually quite an attractive little stand for your iPhone, iPad, or practically any device made as of late thin enough to sit in the stand. The stand has the ability to hold your iPhone in either landscape or portrait mode, and comes in a variety of colors. This is actually one of the nicer and more portable stands we’ve seen. Nothing is really required to use the little guy, accept for a device to set in it.

The greatest thing about this stand is that it isn’t just your average set it and forget it. You can either mount it on a wall, lay it on the table. You can snag one of the clasps on a cub and set your iPhone in the front grip in both landscape and portrait orientations. And when you aren’t using it, you can wrap your headphones around it, so it’s an accessory inside an accessory. And if you happen to have two of these little guys you can use them together to stand up your iPad!

The Universal Mini Stand will retail for $7 when it ships in October of this year, but you can get yourself in on the Early Bird Special for only $5 in either white or black, but hurry your butt up cuz there are only 27 spots for the black left and 70 of the white.

Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign and snag yourself one of the nicest little accessories you’ll find for your iPhone.