Beating The Dying Horse: Sony Releases Another Refreshed Playstation 3

Image Credit: Engadget

The Tokyo game show is a place for gaming companies to show off their latest goods. So what did Sony have - a new Playstation 4? Nope. Instead of wowing us with all-new hardware and the next generation of console graphics they instead released another refresh of the aging Playstation 3. This latest refresh is allegedly 50% slimmer than the original “chubby” PS3 and 25% slimmer than the current “slim” PS3. (So is this the #slimslimPS3…or how about the #newslimPS3?)

Size wise we’re looking at 250 GB and 500 GB options, the latter of which should appeal to content hoarders. Along with the capacity choice interested gamers will also have black and white color options. Though impatient persons take note: the black PS3 will hit Japan on October 4th while the fancier white model won’t drop until November 22nd (also in Japan). For comparison’s sake, the 250 GB model (black and white) will retail for 24,980 yen (about $317 USD) and the 500 gigger at 29,800 Yen (~$380 USD).

If you’ve managed to forgo purchasing a console thus far, the latest PS3 refresh is as good as any. It’s the same PS3 we’ve come to know and love just a little thinner (again). If you’ve already got one (or a couple) floating around the house, there’s no reason to pick up this latest model from Sony.

Sony, please. We’re growing tired of endless PS3 refreshes. Bring us what we all want (and know you have), the Playstation 4.

Via: Joystiq