iPhone 5 Drop Test Shows Resiliance Is Apparently A New Feature

iPhone lovers, look away.

Android users (and anyone else with a penchant for enjoying destruction videos of Apple gear) will want to check out this new iPhone 5 drop test video compliemnts of iFixYouri and 9to5Mac.

In case it’s too much for you to watch, dear iPhone user, just know that the iPhone 5 actually stands up quite well to abuse, taking repeated drops and one final “throw” to the ground to shatter the glass. That said, the frame did bend after only a couple waist height and above drops.

Considering the there is 1) less glass and 2) glass is prone to shattering and heavy, it’s easy to see why the iPhone 5′s mostly aluminum (read: also lighter) back giving it a bit more resiliance out in the real world. Impressed? Check out the video below.

Source: 9to5Mac, iFixYouri