iOS 6 Pushes Past 25+% Total iOS Marketshare In Just 5 Days

While Android users continue voicing disgust at carriers and manufacturers for their ever increasing delays and reasons for not updating or launching a handset with the newest software, iOS users continue to enjoy a much better experience when it comes to software updates as the latest data by developer David Smith shows, whom uses the Audiobooks app which allows both iPhone (and iPod) and iPad tracking. As of yesterday, September 22nd, the entire iOS user base percentage that had upgraded to iOS 6 was pushing past 37% - and iOS 6 has been available for just 5 days! According to The Next Web, citing Chikita, iOS 5 adoption to the same level took 21 days. Meanwhile, for comparisons sake, Google latest OS (Jelly Bean) is still in the single digit percentages 2 months after being released. Of course, the nature of Android updates and the Android ecosystem in general means it is unlikely that we’ll see truly massive market share counts on any modern OS, ever. (A sad reality.)

Moving to a larger scale measurement, using Chikita’s data (link) for iOS 6 adoption still shows a healthy 25% of users upgrading to Apple’s latest OS.

As TNW notes, one of the biggest reasons iOS 6 adoption is so high and increasing so quickly is because this is in fact, the first major OS update available that can be downloaded over the air without having to plug into a computer and update via iTunes. And considering a pretty large amount of iOS users never plug their devices into their computers, it makes sense that the over the air method is aiding in overall iOS 6 upgrades.

Love it or hate it (iOS), the amount of people getting the latest software is impressive, no?

Source: David Smith | Via: TNW

  • Just

    Are you serious ? Have you used the new os ? It is probably the worst update you could get.
    Nothing works anymore. Look at the maps. I honestly hope Apple will loose there marked share because of this not only useless update, but more damaging update.
    Thanks apple.

    • The Gadgeteur

      Worst update ever because of one app? Nothing works?


    • Nick Johann

      Yes, one app that needs work definitely makes the whole thing unusable.
      You couldn’t come up with more examples?

    • [anonymous]

      Apple was in a touch position. Google’s Android OS cloud take the easy way out and use some Apple services, but they don’t want to associate. Apple needed to drop Google before the launch of their most popular phone ever or else Google would gain market share. Besides, Google Maps sucked too when they first debuted.

    • Michael

      WOW …. I have to say this is one of the dumbest arguments I have seen on the internet to date. Yes, people have found a few issues with the map app but that is the only problem people are seeing with iOS 6.