Review: CoolerMaster Clutch Laptop Stand

As laptops have become more and more powerful, the need for bulky, beastly desktops has waned. Now, a laptop as thin as a thin pad of paper can do most tasks the common user needs, with only the harder core work of photo/video/music professional still requiring something more powerful. The only downside to a laptop still is the screen size, especially if you make one your “desktop” machine at home. That’s where external monitors come in. The only problem for some: what to do with your laptop while it’s pumping it’s video to something more capable.

Lapstands are a simple solution that allow you to get your laptop up and out of the way to increase desk space. Several weeks ago we took a look at the CoolerMaster Arc laptop/tablet stand and found it a pretty awesome little stand all things considered. And today we’ve got another CoolerMaster gem in house, the CoolerMaster “Clutch” stand. Let’s check it out.

Design, Usage & Impressions

Whereas the Arc was all about rounded contours and smooth lines, the Clutch is more about cold, hard industrialism. The stand itself is mostly aluminum with only a few accent strips of rubbery material such as round the edges your laptop rests as well as a couple strips on the bottom to keep the Clutch from sliding around. As far as design goes, we’re really into the minimalist, industrial design CoolerMaster has chosen for the Clutch and actually prefer it to the Arc despite the inability to hold a tablet like the Arc. For Mac users especially, the aluminum construction will perfectly blend in and compliment any model of unibody Macbook/Pro as well.

The Verdict

As far as laptop stands go, there’s not much more you can remove in the quest of ultimate minimalism. Add to that, we can’t think of too many more ways of making a laptop stand look high-end without getting overly flashy and ruining the minimalist look at the same time. In our opinion, the bare aluminum and simple design is the way to go, even at the $60 price tag. It’s simply worth it.

More: CoolerMaster (PDF)

Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 9/10