Enjoy media wirelessly with the Satechi BT Lite Headphones!

By now, you’ve heard about Satechi - if you haven’t, then it’s time to crawl out from under that rock of yours and enjoy the goodness that is their mobile accessory line.  About one month ago, Satechi announced the release of their BT Lite Headphones, which allow users to easily stream audio in very clear and crisp quality, in an incredibly lightweight (2.6oz) headphone.  I’ve gotten to appreciate these headphones for the last few weeks, and absolutely love them!

Satechi has included ultra-soft ear pads along with an adjustable headband to help your listening pleasure whether at home, traveling or sitting pool side enjoying a cold one!  In the picture below, you’ll see the integrated controls, carrying Bluetooth 3.0 technology - you’ve got the ability to (as expected) control audio & playback, while also maintaining call controls if connected to your mobile phone.

I know in my case, the claim of being able to walk 33 feet away is accurate - on several occaions, I’ve worn the BT Lite Headphones, while connected to my laptop, and walked to the curb to take out the garbage.  In each situation, I haven’t seen any degraded audio quality, except for the time when I tested how far I could go.  Going much beyond 33 feet found me hearing broken audio, which then picked up when I got closer.  Because these aren’t intended to be used in call centers for making 100’s of phone calls, the ability to travel a few yards away is a nice, welcomed benefit when enjoying whatever mobile programming you’re in to.

At $44.99, the BT Lite are not only a bargain, but in my opinion a must-have for any mobile techie.  These headphones also make an awesome pairing to the Satechi Headrest, which we reviewed here for you.  If you’re interested in another option from Satechi, check out their Swift speaker, with review here.


Thanks to Max Borges and Satechi for the opportunity to review these headphones!