Go on an adventure with the BRAVEN 625!

We’ve officially entered the world of wireless technology.  Mobile devices are everywhere and, seemingly, they have no end in sight!  Because we have the ability to take our lives, work & friends virtually anywhere, with our phones, it helps to be able to relax with some great music.  If you’re a full-blown audiophile or simply someone who enjoys listening to some music while on the go, BRAVEN makes a line of products that you may want to consider.


The craftsmanship of this speaker is quite well done.  Once I overcame my shortcomings in removing the 625 from its packaging, I was immediately able to appreciate the substantial build quality here.  Wrapped in rubber, with the metal front / rear mesh, it really feels like it has been built for an exciting life.  Now, while it may be rugged enough to take a beating, water has a very negative effect on speakers…because of that, Braven includes a water resistant pouch to help protect the speaker itself from the wet elements.  In case you’re wondering, I did my own testing of sound quality from within the bag and while it is certainly muffled, but oddly, still manages to sound clear enough.  Also, if we’re being real, we’re not listening to music in a downpour anyway.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this a strong 8.  Unlike some of their competitors, BRAVEN have managed to get some great high’s out of music without making it sound tinny or metallic.  I was also impressed with the bass performance - I’m not going to be misleading here, it’s not like you’re running dual 12″ subs, but for a box that is only 6.3″ long it performs amazingly well!

Size and Weight

Dimensions: 6.3 in. x 2.5 in. x 1.8 in. (16 cm x 6.5 cm x 4.6 cm)

Weight: 11.6 oz. (330 g)

Added Bonuses

BRAVEN have made their products with extended use in mind - in particular, the 625s packs a battery that provides up to 16 hours of usage.  In my testing, it worked great for beach trips, playing in the backyard or even as some great tunes while washing the car.  In the event you find yourself on a nighttime hiking adventure, Braven have also included a handy USB flashlight you can use to illuminate the path!  Whoa, whoa whoa…what’s that you say?  A USB flashlight?  Yeah, it’s that cool.  That USB port also means one other very exciting and useful thing: the 625s can be used to charge your mobile devices!



The BRAVEN 625s checks out with a $179 price tag, not cheap, but certainly priced competitively.  I personally love the fact it can charge my phone while on the go and get some enjoyment out of the novelty in the USB flashlight.  The sound quality is great, as mentioned before, and it offers nice volume levels.  I’ve talked about the shopping season many times in my posts, and for good reason.  If you’re looking to give (or receive) a great gift this year, consider the Braven 625s!

You’ll be able to find BRAVEN products at the following retailers:

United States

Abe’s of Maine, Amazon, Buy.com, Cascio, DataVision, newegg, onecall, QVC, Staples, Target & ThinkGeek


BRAVEN.eu, Amazon.co.uk

Thank you to Max Borges and BRAVEN for the sample unit!