Samsung Pushes Out First Security Patch For Reset Vulnerability (Galaxy S III Only)

Earlier this week it was revealed that Samsung’s Galaxy S III (among other Touch Wiz enabled devices) had one massive security hole - an easy to exploit reset vulnerability. By simply tapping on a certain string of characters, it was found that a number of Touch Wiz devices including Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III would then auto-dial said string which would in turn throw the phone into an unstoppable reset cycle in which all phone data was wiped. As one can imagine, this isn’t a good thing. Samsung quickly followed up upon publishing of the exploit that they would “look into the issue”.

Today, the company has announced that a new security patch is now available, at least for Galaxy S III owners. Simply checking for updates within your Galaxy S III’s settings area should prompt you to download the small OTA update and close up the nasty reset hole.

As for the Galaxy S II, Samsung didn’t mention when they’d release an update for it (or the several other affected devices) but did reiterate the need to update all phones to their latest respective software versions. On that same note, The Verge notes that Samsung’s Belgian outfit has mentioned that a fix for the Galaxy S II is in deed in the works and currently undergoing testing.

Here’s to hoping Samsung gets all of these phones patched, and quick.

Source: The Verge