Bad Piggies Now Available For iOS And Android

Angry Birds has been one of if not the most successful mobile game that’s transformed itself into many games and an entire platform. Finnish based Rovio Mobile has come quite a long ways since their original Angry Birds release just a couple short years ago. What was once an iPhone-only exclusive has now exploded to include the iPad, Android and web based versions too, not to mention the many various deals and partnerships bringing us clothing, lunch boxes and plenty more branded AB gear.

As great as Angry Birds is, though, too much of a good thing can be bad. And indeed, in general day-to-day conversation with “normal” people, it seemed like the Angry Birds name and franchise was getting a bit long in the tooth.

Switching gears, Rovio embarked on a completely new path with Amazing Alex, a physics based game that is actually incredibly addictive. And while that game probably won’t ever hit the same levels of success as Angry Birds, it is a great game worth purchasing nonetheless. But despite the seemingly new direction, Rovio made it clear that the Angry Birds franchise still had plenty left in the pot by saying that a new twist on the game was coming. This time from the pigs’ point of view.

Today, Rovio officially took the wraps off of “Bad Piggies”, the next development in Angry Birds. And it looks pretty awesome.

In Angry Birds the goal was to fling birds at green pigs, destroying their elaborate buildings and towers. In Bad Piggies you actually build various contraptions in an effort to gather all the skulls, vehicle pieces (like wings, propellers, umbrellas, bottle rockets, etc.) and ultimately, get 3 stars in each level. It is pretty similar to Angry Birds gameplay and because of that might not be for those of you tired of the AB series at this point. But if you’re at least willing to give it a shot, we’re pretty sure you’ll be entertained for at least a few hours.

Download Rovio Mobile’s Bad Piggies