Valve Is Launching A Private Beta For 1,000 Lucky Linux Users Next Month

Windows is generally revered as the go-to platform for “PC” gaming. And while OS X has recently begun enjoying a slight uptick in attention from game developers/publishers, Linux is still the black sheep. If anyone can change that it is Valve, the company behind the massively successful digital storefront for PC games, who recently announced Linux support as the company’s next big goal.

Today in a blog post Valve detailed the the start of the beta process and touched a little on how things will go in the coming weeks. Specifically, beginning next week an internal beta will launch, followed by a limited 1,000 user external (private) beta “at some point in October”. Private beta gamers will be able to use the new Linux compatible Steam client and download/play one game. Speaking of support, Valve is saying Ubuntu 12.04 (and up).

By now we’re sure the Linux fans out there want the sign-up link, right? Well, you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer. Apparently Valve wants to draw out this tease fest a little more, and is keeping more specific sign-up details private for now. Stay tuned…

Via: VentureBeat