Possible First Generation Blackberry 10 Hardware Leaked In Marketing Video

RIM still isn’t scheduled to reveal the first generation of Blackberry 10 hardware until early 2013. But thanks to some leaked screen apps from a marketing/promotional video acquired by CrackBerry, we get a sneak peek at some hardware that could very well be the first generation of BB10 hardware in both touchscreen-only and QWERTY configurations.

From the images of the latest dev alpha device it looks like RIM is pretty set in the ways already regarding the keyboard-less device. The QWERTY packing BB10 phone, however, is also pretty similar to hardware we’ve seen before, specifically the latest Bold 9900. The only difference, of course, is the more square-ish aspect ratio that should strike a nice balance between screen size and portability.

The video on question which offered up these tantalizing shots was allegedly uploaded to Vimeo by the editor of said videos. RIM is probably nome to pleased, and as such, are almost certainly behind the videos removal. But the secret is gone now.

Excited, Blackberry fans?

Source: CrackBerry

  • Mike2696

    It was just a sales pitch from a marketing company to RIMM and some low level editor put it up on the web with his name attached.. Maybe its part of a bigger marketing plan to start something in the social media channels who knows but the imgages of the N are not true to form…. All the images were renderings only as the disclaimer stated on the web site of the company…