Sharp Starts Production on 443ppi, 1080p Mobile Displays

Sharp is set to become the display champion in just a couple short months once devices equipped with the company’s new 1080p, 443ppi displays starting shipping to customers. The insane pixel density is made possible by the incredible 1080p resolution crammed down into a display only 5 inches in size.

For now, the world’s highest resolution mobile display doesn’t have any confirmed upcoming deployments, though current chatter revolving around a mystery 5-inch HTC phone/tablet keep pegging a 1080p display as the display of choice, perfectly lining up with Sharp’s announcement today.

One might argue that 1080p at this size of display is overkill. Why, the term “Retina” display means that the normal person’s eye can no longer discern each individual pixel. What will look different to our eyes going from ~320ppi to 443ppi if we can’t see the pixels to begin with? All that said, we have absolutely no issue with giving such insane pixel density a shot. Besides, more is better, right?

Source: Sharp | Via: Phonearena