Review: Spigen SGP Crumena Case For iPhone 5

Over the years of reviewing different accessories for our iPhones, you’ll probably notice we haven’t featured too many pouch style cases on the site. There definitely are a few out there, but none that really caught our eye and made us want to feature the product on Gadgetsteria. But amongst our fetish of iPhone cases, you can probably gather our love for Spigen SGP. We’ve grown to lust after pretty much any and everything they’ve released, and once we finally got Cupertino’s latest and greatest in our hands, it was about time to see how Spigen would stack up against the rest. We first told you about the products Spigen SGP was pushing out ahead of the iPhone 5 back in early September, and since the release of the iPhone 5 we’ve had our hands all over many products from the company. The first we are going to show you is the pouch style Crumena case.

As with everything we’ve seen out of Spigen, the design is pretty simple and almost perfect. We haven’t yet really complained about the way any of their products look, and we aren’t starting now. Made from 100% genuine Calfskin leather, the Crumena adds some high fashion and style to your already sexy iPhone.

Now, I know that the iPhone is not even 2 weeks old, and covering a fresh new design up is blasphemy, there are some of us out there that are scared to death to damage the oh so boring smartphone. Whether or not you feel the need to baby the device, there are millions of people out there that find themselves dropping the device. And now that the iPhone is thinner and lighter, it’s such a new feeling when holding the device in our hands.

There really isn’t much to the Crumena, it features an almost blank canvas pouch with nothing but a magnetic strap at the top blasting the Spigen logo, as well as the Crumena in subtle cursive at the bottom of the rear of the case. It comes in white, black and brown, and as I mentioned above is made from genuine leather. The design is extremely clean and bares no bells or whistles, however, because of this pouch style case, you really have no access to charge or use the phone while it’s being protected.

The fit of the case is quite snug. I found myself scared as I had to force my iPhone down into the case. I know it is leather and will stretch over time, but even having no skin on the glass of the iPhone made for a tough time while inserting the device. Once you press the iPhone all the way down in the case, you are left with barely a sliver of the device showing. This is where the dual function magnetic strap comes into the play. With a quick pull of the strap, it brings the device back out of the case, giving you just enough area to grab and pull the phone out.

The microfiber interior of the case hugs your iPhone and prevents any damage taking place while the device is inside. I noticed as I accidentally dropped the Crumena with my iPhone in it that it will actually keep the device safe from any angle. If it lands at the top the strap acts as a bumper between the device and the elements.

Like I said above, you won’t get a large amount of usage out of the phone while it is tucked away. You can put the iPhone in upside down and have the strap open giving you access to charging and the headphone jack, but you won’t have access to any other part of the device. But for keeping the iPhone secure in your bag or purse, the Crumena does a great job at just that.


The Crumena features a tight fit that will keep your iPhone secure while on the go. Scary at times when sliding it in that the devices will scuff or scratch, but rest assured the microfiber interior will do nothing but secure and clean your device. A very simple yet sleek design and genuine leather screams expensive, but sitting at only $30, the Crumena is definitely a great deal. If you like the idea of protecting your iPhone while it’s tucked away in a bag, but when in use you want to show off that sexy phone, the Crumena will give you a great level of protection without having to hide the beautiful design. And with the option of 3 different colors, we definitely think the Crumena is worth the look.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks to Spigen SGP for the review sample!