Sunday Morning Apple News: New iMacs/13-Inch MBP, iPad Mini Battery Spied, New Google Maps For iOS Leaked?

Tech news slows down on the weekend for sure. But in reality, the tech world never sleeps. So while things may be slower, there’s always something going on behind the scenes. This weekend is no different. This Sunday morning (for U.S. residents anyway) things are might active on the Apple front.

Redesigned 21-Inch iMac/13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro

A new photo of part of the motherboard of the upcoming re-designed 21-inch iMac has been leaked on Chinese forum While the motherboard itself doesn’t necessarily give up too many details, supporting rumors say that the iMac itself will be considerably thinner and feature a Retina quality display that, like the rMBP, is glued directly to the aluminum frame (as opposed to the more traditional way which uses a display assembly).

iPad Mini Battery Leaks

If the iMac/MBP news above isn’t tickling your fancy, perhaps this photo which allegedly shows the upcoming iPad Mini’s battery ‘splayed out for the camera (and the world) to see. As MacRumors notes, it is roughly 1/3 the size of the new iPad’s battery and ~three times the iPhone 5′s size. Considering the iPad 3 has phenomenal battery life, we’d have to assume the same longevity will trickle down to the iPad mini, retina display or not.

First Images Of New Google Maps For iOS Leaks?

Google Maps getting the boot in favor of Apple Maps in iOS 6 has been far from smooth or well received. And despite promises from Apple to quickly improve their own maps app’s quality and reliability, the simple fact of the matter is that it won’t happen over night or even over a few months. To get to the same level of quality and reliability it’s going to take at least a solid year, meaning many iOS users are looking for 3rd party options to fulfill their mapping needs until Apple Maps is improved enough.

A post on Hacker News earlier this morning claims to showcase a few (very) fuzzy pictures of an alpha version of Google’s new standalone Google Maps app for iOS. The new features allegedly present include vector-based maps, two-finger rotation to any angle, “super fast” operation and iPhone 5 support. If it turns out that these images are indeed real, it should give Google Maps fans on iOS some reassurance that the not too distant future will bring relief.