24 Hours Later, Entry Level Microsoft Surface Sells Out.

Microsoft’s newfound initiative in Windows 8, the branding and overall change in company tune are perhaps some of the biggest changes the company has ever gone through. Perfectly illustrating this “new” Microsoft are the Surface tablets; their in-house creation signals clear change to a company whom has typically looked to 3rd parties for all hardware support.

Yet despite some pretty strong criticism from tech pundits so far, as well as rumors of OEMs and 3rd party vendors not buying the Windows 8 design and layout, it appears that the Surface at least has initial hype in it’s favor - pre-orders of the base 32 GB Surface are now sold out and shipping is listed in 2-3 weeks.

For something that is supposedly the first flop of Microsoft’s new Windows 8 OS, it certainly doesn’t seem that way on the…*ahem* surface. 24 hours to sell out is nothing to sneeze at. That said, context is still needed. While initial numbers by the Wall Street Journal suggest Microsoft has 3-5 million Surface tablets being prepped for launch and the holiday season, it’s still unconfirmed at this point. Selling out of 5 million is a lot more impressive than selling out if the initial available hardware only totals ~250,000.

For now, it appears after many failures and missed attempts Microsoft is finally hitting its stride with Windows 8 and more specifically, the Surface.

We’re eager to try one out in person and curious as to how the public at large will take to this new Microsoft.

Via: IntoMobile