Giveaway: uRexDVD Ripper Platinium For Windows

Physical DVDs are a dying breed. It’s certainly “ok” to keep them for archival purposes. But having to get them out each and every time you want to view what’s on them is an unnecessary pain. The digital world and cheap storage mean storing all your movies on your computer or home server is a much smarter, easier thing to do. Getting them there, however, requires the right software.

Today, we have 3 free licenses for uRexDVD Ripper Platinium for Windows thanks to @TechBreak1 whom was kind enough to share a few licenses with us. A little favor from him to us and us to you. Because, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Comment below and share this post for your chance to win (use the #GSripper hashtag).

Thanks @TechBreak1

  • Jim Andrew

    I would sure like one of those licenses…