QuickLock & QuickRes For Mac

Owners of Retina Macbook Pros have no doubt wanted to jump between resolutions for one reason or another, but have found such tasks slightly cumbersome. Currently, you have to open up the system preferences, go into display settings and then change your settings there. Again, a multi-click, slow way of doing things. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just do things with a couple simple keyboard shortcuts? Well, you can.


QuickRes by Inertiactive makes things as simple as a couple couple key clicks or click of your mouse. Simply fire up the app, pick your keyboard shortcut for juggling through available resolutions and select how many resolutions you want to shuffle through and you’re done. All that said, QuickRes allows for may more resolutions than what Mountain Lion does by default (as the screenshot to the right shows).

One other nice perk for non-Retina Macbook Pro owners is that QuickRes also allows activating of HiDPI mode even if you’re not on Apple’s latest and greatest rMBP.

Also, if you really must, QuickRes can push your Mac to even higher resolutions than Apple supports - up to 3840×2400! (Click link below to check out full-size image.) What practical use do you have for such a large image? 98% of the time, nothing. But it’s cool nonetheless.

Full-size 3840 x 2400 image: http://cl.ly/KKyl


If resolution musical chairs isn’t something you partake of on a daily basis, perhaps Inertiactive’s other app, QuickLock, will be more to your liking. Simply put, QuickLock is a slightly more advanced screen lock utility than what ships on Mountain Lion. With QuickLock, keyboard shortcuts can be quickly and easily configured. Things like display time out timer and lock screen appearance (wallpaper/image/etc.) can be tweaked via a handy menu bar icon that houses all the preferences.

I rarely lock my Mac (I know, terrible) so QuickLock isn’t something I’ve been using all that much. QuickRes, however, caters to something I do almost every day - change resolutions based on how I’m using my Mac. It may seem small and insignificant, but being able to tap a couple keys and hop between resolutions is infinitely more enjoyable than click-click-clicking my way through menus all the time.

Considering both apps are free, I’d imagine curiosity will claim at least a few of you. Head on over to quickresapp.com and/or quicklockapp.com, download one of said apps and let us know what you think!