Some Apple Stores Are Extending 14-Day Return Policy To 30 After iPad 4 Refresh.

Bummed out you bought that fancy iPad 3 15 days ago, one more day past Apple’s normal 14-day return policy? You might be in luck - if your store is as nice as Stockton Street Apple store in San Francisco. According to that store, they are waiving the 14-day return policy and extending it to 30 days.

Before you get too excited, that particular store stressed that they are doing it on their own accord and that other stores offering the same policy change will come by a store by store basis as it isn’t something Apple is handing down.

Our local store here isn’t participating, sadly.

If you happen to have better luck be sure to share the goods with us so others can take steps to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPad too!


  • DTD

    The Otay Lakes Store in Chula Vista, CA did the 30day refund for me. I had it for 26 days. The Fashion Valley and UTC stores in San Diego were sticking to the 14-day policy.

  • JCW

    I wanted the most advanced iPad on August 29th 2012 so I purchased the 64 gig AT&T iPad. I just tried to return it so I could purchase the new one and the store manager denied me. 7 weeks is too long apparently. The thing is in perfect condition. I am appalled.