OWC RAM Upgrades For New Mac Minis Now Available. 16 GB Kit For $114.99.

Apple’s Mac Mini is one of the best (and most affordable ways) to get into the Mac world. Even if you don’t have a display, $100-$200 will net you something respectable enough to plug in your new Mini and still come out ahead of both the iMac and Mac Pro offerings.

The new Mac Minis that Apple unveiled yesterday are pretty decent spec-wise considering the price. That said, the 4 GB RAM that ships standard on all available models is a bit low in our book. Mountain Lion, as efficient as it is (most of the time) runs much better with 8 GB of RAM. That’s what “baseline” should be, really. Apple’s RAM upgrades have never been particularly well priced. But with companies like OWC around, you can be certain that RAM upgrades (among other system upgrades) can be done affordably and with quality components.

For the new Mac Mini, OWC is offering 3 RAM upgrade kits:

$114.99 for the 16 GB package isn’t bad at all. If you plan on making that Mac Mini of yours a server of any type, the added RAM is a no-brainer upgrade.

Any potential Mac Mini buyers out there already eying OWC’s new component packages?

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Via: 9to5Mac