Languages: Review & Giveaway Of A Gorgeous Translation And Dictionary App

Having to keep up with all of the German Tweets out of Norris, language apps litter my iDevices. I find myself cleaning house every now and then on those that really don’t serve those of my language needs. I have probably given almost every translation and language app around a chance. Some really stand out, and some just get in the way of convenient translation and ease of use inside an app.

Recently, we were given a chance to test out the iTranslate Voice HD for the iPad, so when we were asked to give an upcoming release from SonicoMobile and Tapity a try, we jumped at the chance. The newest app out from these developers is Languages. This translation dictionary is an attempt I haven’t really seen grace my iPhone screen. A simple design that is actually quite sleek. The only area I would say isn’t as gorgeous as I would like it to be, is the ‘book shelf’ that the translation dictionaries sit on. It is kind of lack luster in design, and not something I care to stare at for too long.

But the rest of the app is absolutely gorgeous. It is a simple look, with minor gestures and sights that really create a nice experience. A translation app that is completely offline, requiring no internet connection will make traveling and language translation extremely easy and useful.
Stock with 12 language dictionaries:

- Spanish-English
- German-English
- French-English
- Italian-English
- Dutch-English
- Portuguese-English
- Swedish-English
- French-Italian
- French-Spanish
- German-French
- German-Italian
- German-Spanish

Languages is packing a useful assortment of languages right off the bat. Future support for other languages will definitely happen as the app grows in popularity and demand, but for only $.99, 12 language dictionaries in a simple and easy to use interface is incredible.

I’ve been using the app for the past couple weeks, and I find myself loving the UI more and more with each use. Set up like a dictionary, you can search and use as a translation between languages as well as a dictionary in both languages. With 1:1 support, you can easily switch between the source language and destination language with a flick of your finger. In gorgeous fashion, swiping to the right unfolds your search screen, with real-time highlight of the text you are typing.

While using the app, I find myself eagerly attempting to build my bi-lingual strengths. Searching the word ‘Eat’ in English gives me the verb in Spanish, ‘Comer’, as well as common phrases such as ‘eat candy’ giving me the same phrase in the destination language. This app is extremely useful and helpful when attempting to translate between languages. Not just a standard translation app, combining a vast dictionary to the mix creates your ultimate travel companion.

I have used translation apps in the past to actually attempt to figure out how to help someone understand me, or me them, but actually having a dictionary to figure out other translations and uses of a word is one of the most helpful advantages in learning a language and growing your knowledge on how to properly speak and understand it.

An outstanding design and gorgeous UI sit atop one of the most helpful apps you’ll ever use in your travels abroad or your studies of a language. So much wrapped into an amazing price tag of $.99 creates an app anyone can afford. And we’ve teamed up with the developers to offer you this amazing app in a small contest giving you access to a $10 iTunes Gift Card so you can purchase this 1 dollar app and whatever else you might want with it. Honestly, I think picking up a copy for yourself and anyone else that might benefit from a travel translation and dictionary app.

All you’ll have to do is Tweet the following:

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We’ll choose 3 winners on Tuesday the 30th of October, so please get your tweets piled in. The more you share this message and tweet it the better your chances will be. We really want to spread the word.

Released today on the AppStore, Languages is on sale for only $.99. We highly recommend heading on over and grabbing yourself a copy, but you definitely should still enter to win a gift card!

Source: Languages (iTunes Link)