Swiftkey Flow Brings Swype-Like Input To Popular 3rd Party Keyboard.

On our various stints with Android we always make certain to install Swiftkey 3. It is hands down the best keyboard on Android. The next-word prediction accuracy as well as spell checking of said app is incredible.

On the opposite side of the fence you have a keyboard like Swype which while not quite as accurate, allows simple, fast one-handed typing by swiping through letters. (You can also go the hunt-n-peck route too.)

Today, Swiftkey has taken the wraps off of their next installment, Swiftkey Flow. As the name suggests, the “flow” is the ability to swipe between letters and words much like Swype, but with Swiftkey’s awesome predictive text mentioned above as well as fantastic hunt-n-peck traditional typing that rivals Swype’s implementation.

For now, the app is still in private testing but will hit beta status for VIP members in the near future. Speaking of which, interested humans can sign up right over here: swiftkey.net/flow

Check out the demo video below and let us know what you think!