Review: Spigen SGP Ultra Thin Air For The iPhone 5

I know what you are thinking, “crap, not another iPhone 5 case review…” Well, you need to shut up, sit down, and finish your coffee before dismissing what we have for you today. We have grown fond of every accessory that has been churned out of the Spigen camp, so when we got our hands on an iPhone 5, we couldn’t wait to see what we could be amazed with this time around.

One of the cases they’ve been taunting us with is the Ultra Thin Air for the iPhone 5. Draped in numerous colors, the Ultra Thin Air is a hard case made of polycarbonate material that is incredibly lightweight and durable. Encased in over the top sexy packaging, the Ultra Thin screams awesome. I knew what I was getting from all the images from their website, but when it showed up, I could tell I had something more on my hands than just a ‘barely there’ item. I’ve always despised cases, for numerous reason, all of which I’ve made well known in my previous reviews. I tend to stick with either protective skin type styles, or sometimes the occasional bumper. Apple offers a gorgeous product that I love holding in my hand as a naked miracle, so covering it in bulky matter isn’t something I care to do.

So cases that offer reliable protection without compromising the beautiful design of an Apple product is something I lust after. The Ultra Thin Air Series does just that. Without jumping into every detail right here and now, if you are looking for protection from external scuffs and dings, but you don’t want to stuff you case inside an Otter, you should keep reading…

The design, from packaging to the actual case, is something of pure beauty. There really isn’t much along the lines of material behind the case, but the minimal design is something that will really wow you right off the bat. After opening the packaging, you’re given nothing more than the case itself, a bonus Ultra Crystal screen protector, 3 Home Button stickers and microfiber cloth. This is a huge bonus, because the Steinheil screen protectors we reviewed earlier this month are a great buy on their own, so having one included in with this slick case is a huge win for the consumer, giving them the added protection at no extra cost!

Once you take apart the packaging and get the case free from it’s shackles, there really isn’t much left to do but to attach it to your iPhone 5. A absolute perfect fit designed to snugly fit your iPhone that adds no bulk at all. You’ll get protection to the sides and the back of your phone, keeping them free from scuffs and scratches. The soft finish on the Soft Clear version I was testing does make the iPhone 5 a tad bit more slippery to the touch. I wouldn’t say it is something you should really worry about, but I did notice an extra slick-to-the-touch finish when it was applied.

You have your obvious cut-outs for the camera, mute toggle, volume rocker and the sleep/wake button. Both the bottom and the top are open, so if you are worried about these areas scratching in your pockets as they lay right side up or upside down, you might want to look elsewhere. There is no overlay to the top of the screen, so you will not get any protection to the top of the iPhone. This of course is solved with the included Ultra Clear Screen Protector. With all the cut-outs, you’ll have easy access to each and every button and port. I’ve been testing a lot of cases for the iPhone 5, and I know that having 100% access to all ports and toggles has been somewhat of an issue. A Spigen branding is on the left bottom side, and you have a “Designed by…” tag on the opposite side. There isn’t much in the way of bloat text on this case which is a huge plus.

The website boasts that you’ll be protected from scratches, damages and dust. I’ll agree with the first two, but I did notice an extremely heavy amount of dust collecting in all 4 corners of this case. You can see from the pictures what I have accumulated, that was in only 3 short days after cleaning it. I don’t keep my iPhone in a heavily dusted area, so for the environment it is in, I think it’s a bit on the excessive side. This is probably the only complaint I have with the case, the lack of extra grip is really only in the eye of the beholder. I don’t find myself every letting an iPhone slip out of my hands, so this wasn’t a huge loss for me. But again, I did find the dust collection an annoyance, but because this case is so easily installed and removed, cleaning and care were an easy task

You aren’t going to get a lot of - if any - drop protection, but for those that know they won’t be throwing their iPhones around, but still want protection from the easy-to-scratch aluminum body of the iPhone, the Ultra Thin Air is the perfect case for you. At $19.99, you get what could possibly be the lightest and thinnest case on the market. It’s absolutely gorgeous on the iPhone.

I tested the Soft Clear, but there is a solid white, solid black and a crystal clear model giving you plenty of options. The Soft Clear adds somewhat of a frosted cover to the iPhone but still allowing the beautiful design of the device to stand out.

If you take care of your device, but are worried about the amount of scuffs you’ll get, this is the ultimate case for you. You don’t compromise any design or size when applying this case, and this is a huge win for me and what I like my iPhone to be in my hand. An extremely affordable price for a thin and sexy case and one of the best screen protectors I’ve ever used. The hard plastic design will stand up to every day bumps and bruises and promises to leave your iPhone in pristine condition.

Head on over to Spigen’s website and pick up an Ultra Thin Air today!

Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 8.5/10

Thanks to Spigen SGP for the review samples!


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