25% Of Cell Towers And Broadband Offline In 10 States. “Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better.”

Image Credit: CSMonitor

Naturually, as large as Hurricane Sandy was and as much widespread damage as she infliced, it makes sense to assume that cellular and broadband services wouldn’t be running at 100%. But just how damaged the system(s) is/are, it’s pretty startling to here just how much of the digital grid is affected.

According to the FCC’s statement to federal regulators, that number stands at a full 25% of cellular towers and broadband networks affected, and will actually get worse as towers use up their battery back-up power and completely go down. FCC chief Julius Genachowski said that in light of the dying batteries powering most of the remaining, intact system, “things will get better before they get worse”. It is because of this that the FCC is stressing to mobile users everywhere to only make essential calls when they need to.

Source: CNET | Via: USA Today, Engadget