Roundup: iPhone 5 Cases From Case-Mate

Another day and another round up. This time we are featuring the almighty Case-Mate, one of the most popular and well-known iPhone case accessory manufacturers around. We’ve featured them before, as well as partied with them at CES this past January. When we had the iPhone 5 sent to us, we were ready to give you the latest and greatest in you’ve known and loved from our favorite case makers.

Since I had some great fun with the Case-Mate cases in the past on my iPhone 4/4S, I couldn’t wait to give some of these a try with my iPhone 5. Some of the options they have available are decently thin, so when I knew I would have a thinner device, giving these cases a try was an obvious move. I was sent 3 different cases from the iPhone 5 lineup that Case-Mate is featuring, and even though I’ve used 2 of these before on an older device, the latest outcome is something I am happy to see.


I decided to start off with my favorite of the cases first. The Snap features something I loved as a child - the snap bracelet. I used to enjoy snapping this bracelet on my brothers face as a child. When I first saw this case available for the iPhone 4S, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I reviewed it and had some good things to say about it. But when it arrived for my iPhone 5, I was blown away. The incredible thinness of the case blew my mind. When considering that this has a snap stand built into the back of it, especially after using the iPhone 5 version, I assumed it would stick out and almost be the same size of the iPhone 4S. But after sitting this case close toe the rest of the Case-Mate line I was sent, even along side some other cases I am reviewing, the Snap comes out thinner the most of the competition.

I love thin cases. I am not into the bulky cases that some of you are into. I love the protection that they add, but having something slim and tiny is what I ultimately look for. The Snap case is a soft material that offers great protection as well as an extra grip for those greasy hand iPhone users out there. I love the feel of this case in my hand. I don’t compromise the thinness of the iPhone 5, but I do get a sense of reliability when I hold this in my hand.

Of course the obvious win of this case is the spring action stand modeled after the olden snap bracelet you might remember as a kid. Having this built into the back, with the flick of a finger you can have the curved stand pop out giving you a viewing angle in either portrait or landscape mode. The soft material offers great protection including a lay-on-the-table edges. It’s thin and lightweight and offers some nostalgic snap stands that will keep your iPhone happy and you remembering of the old days.

More: Snap ($35.00)


The Grizzly is an animal inspired silicone case. Case-Mate has an extensive line of cases inspired by animal faces, giving the kooky of you something to show off as you talk on such a revolutionary device. The case features an even softer material than that which is on the Snap case, but actually feels a bit heavier. This is probably from the bear face that is printed on the back, as well as the little paw that is hooked on the bottom corner.

The Grizzly isn’t the ideal case for me, but showing it off to some female friends of mine, they were thrilled with the look and lightweight feel of the case. The Grizzly offers your normal wear and tear protection, although I wouldn’t recommend tossing your iPhone on the ground, I just don’t get the shock protection feeling I would using some other of Case-Mate’s products.

The Grizzly does offer a snug fit giving a fraction of bulk added on. I am pleased with this, especially with the height it seems it adds when laying this case flat next to a few others I have. The case is actually comfortable to hold, however I did find the paw somewhat annoying at times.

You do get yourself a lay-on-the-table protection, as well as a pair of ears that I am hoping helps with the reception of the iPhone (jk). There is an extensive collection in the Animal Series giving any of you with a wild side the chance of crazying up your iPhone while adding some sleek protection as well as personal flare.

More: Grizzly ($30)

Pop! with Stand

The Pop with Stand is another case I was able to try out on my iPhone 4S. This case was nice because it featured a hard shell with soft sides giving a perfect grip in your hand. Offering a glossy texture that is comfortable to hold with the added grips on the side is one of the most ideal cases to hold in my hand. The case isn’t as thin as I would like, but the extra bulk does make me feel rather comfortable if I was to drop it.

The hard material does feel a tad cheap, but I will assure you that I wouldn’t feel a bit worried if I was to drop my phone. The Pop! stand offers portrait and landscape viewing that works great and offers some of the best level of viewing angles I have used with any iPhone. Something I liked with the iPhone 4S version is the angel wasn’t as extreme as some of the other cases I’ve used. Even after the Snap case, I found the Pop! was a better fit for what I would like when trying to watch a video on the phone.

The soft interior is a nice trade off from the hard outside. I am always tricked into thinking these cases offer the best protection around because of it. I am not sure why, it just seems that two cases came together to make one great case.

One issue I really had with this case is the mute toggle cut-out. I found myself struggling to flick it, and almost impossible to use with my thumb. Now, I don’t have large fingers, but using my thumb was out of the question. I had to dig my index finger into the slot just to reach the button on the side of the iPhone. The other two cases gave me no issues, it was just this one. This could be from the hard outer shell and small cut-out, I’m not sure, but I did notice larger openings on the other two cases that this one should of shared. One other issue is the Pop Stand, it does feel somewhat flimsy when popping it out. It works great, but every time I pop it out I feel I am going to snap it. I haven’t experienced this breaking on the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S versions, but it should be known that you’ll get somewhat frighted when popping it out.

More: Pop! with Stand ($35)


Case-Mate has always stood out as one of the leading designers in cases for the iPhone in my opinion. They offer a huge collection of cases, and they’re marketed to almost every type of individual I can think of. When seeing their line-up at this past CES, I knew there was a case for almost every person out there.

I’ve enjoyed my share of Case-Mate cases in my time, and the 3 I was able to test kept up with my standards. Even the Grizzly with it’s quirky design was a case I could see giving as a gift. I wouldn’t use it personally, but I wouldn’t hesitate giving it to someone I know would love the Animal design.

As with most Case-Mate cases, you’ll be paying more than an equivalent product. This was always the biggest downfall I saw with Case-Mate - the price. I know you are getting a great product, but the $30 Grizzly price tag to the $35 price tag for the other two feels somewhat high. I know you are getting a fun design as well as a useful viewing stand, it just seems somewhat high.

No matter how you feel about price, the Case-Mate brand has always been here to offer an incredible case. With an extensive iPhone 5 line, I can’t wait to get my hands on more of what they have to offer. It seems that some of their iPhone 5 offerings are thin and give a great level of protection.

Please hop over to Case-Mate’s dot com address and see all of what they have to offer, I know you’ll be impressed with so many of their accessories.

Thanks to Case-Mate for the review samples!