Keep your Mac in sync with your devices or services with SyncMate (with 20% discount too!)

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Sometimes there are solutions out there without problems, take SyncMate for example. SyncMate, from Eltima Software, available only for Mac, offers to keep your devices and services in sync with your computer. Contacts, Calendar, bookmarks, files and more can be kept in perfect synchronisation with your iOS device, android device, blackberry, nokia, dropbox, iCloud, google account and more.

But do you really need to do that?

I mean, you have iTunes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. iCloud syncs with contacts and calendars too. My computer is already in sync, wirelessly. But I am a citizen of the Apple ecosystem, where all of this comes as part of the premium I pay. Android devices, and google don’t sync easily with macs, and this is where SyncMate is very useful.

The software has a very simple, clean and easy to use interface. It also efficient and not bloated, prompting me to choose to install key components like MacFuse, autosync and winmobile drivers as and when I want them, although it doesn’t allow me to uninstall them.

Adding a new device or service to sync to is as easy as clicking the big plus button, and selecting the endpoint to connect to. After providing connection details, like a username and password, you are then presented with a checklist of plugins to enable for sync, namely contact list, calendar events, media and bookmarks. It is a smooth flow, and leaves no questions unanswered. You can then sync right away manually, or even set up a sync schedule with the expert version.

SyncMate is available both for free and a paid for premium which unlocks additional features such as SMS syncing; mounting services as disk; folders, videos, pictures and music syncing; data encryption and autosync. Device mounting is useful, especially for Google Drive and android devices. I couldn’t test this out on iPhone (if at all possible) because support for iOS 6 doesn’t exist yet, and no word of when it will come around either. All of these additional features come at a bit of a hefty premium of a nickel under $40.

Depending on your needs, you may never need to cough up for the premium features. I think syncing my MacBook contacts to my google account was the best benefit. However I did like the ability to mount my Google Drive, similar to Dropbox.

There are a slew of endpoints to sync with, devices and services. Some may be unneccessary, some may be vital (I’m looking at you, Nokia/WinMobile devices) but overall this is a piece of sleek software that every gadget-phile can quickly use to keep track of device syncing.

What I like:

  • A sleek UI to synchronise my contacts and calendar across my macs, my gmail account, and back them up on icloud and dropbox
  • Mounting some services as a drive, like google drive

What needs work:

  • iOS 6 is not supported yet, lots of people have already migrated and will miss out, although I was told that this is in the works
  • I’d like the app to show me which contacts have been migrated

You can find SyncMate for Mac from Eltima Online

Gadgetsteria Score: 9 / 10 lets talk when iOS 6 support comes in.

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  • Richmond

    Your software used to be very good however the customer support makes it doesn’t worth a cents! I have received no response from your support for weeks after reporting an issue!