Mount your phone with the Bikemate Slim Case from Satechi!

Satechi is a company that makes some fine products.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the Satechi Bikemate Slim Case and wanted to share my experience with you.  If you’re into biking and using your phone to track your ride, chances are you’re either using an armband of some kind or simply putting the phone in a pocket.  For me, the armband won’t do…imagine Hulk Hogan with an arm band…you can’t constrain these pythons!  Further, the pocket idea is a lose-lose situation.

Putting your phone in the pocket leaves you without easy access for an emergency, with zero visibility on pertinent information and also quite unsafe.  As many phones are purchased at the $199+ price point, the last thing we want is to drop the single gadget that occupies your loving touch most of the day!

Enter Satechi.

We’ve reviewed mounts and products from Satechi previously (here, here, here and here).  If you’ve listened to our advice, good for you; if you haven’t, well then, what are you waiting for?  I’ve always been reluctant to place my phone in harms way with the use of smartphone holders - however each time I’ve trusted the materials from Satechi, I’ve walked away with my phone unscathed and eager to be mounted again.

The Bikemate Slim Case is a great holder for use on a bicycle or motorcycle and is essentially a fit for ALL smart phones, even those inside a case.  Installation is a breeze - there is a coupling that goes around the neck of the handle bars and is held taught with an adjustable band.

Aside from the mount itself, there is a nice foamex bag that allows you to keep your phone clean and help prevent water damage if caught in a rain storm.  *Note: The unit itself isn’t waterproof, only the materials it is made of.*

I appreciate the ease of use with the holder itself - it allows you to position your phone in portrait or landscape orientation, which could help with the use of a particular mapping application that you may use.  In my case, I almost felt like the mount made my application of choice subpar because it didn’t provide a landscape orientation.  The material used in the bag itself is enough to feel protective but doesn’t hinder the use of the touchscreen itself.

I didn’t test sound quality of the phone when placed inside the holder - call me crazy, but I haven’t seen too many people riding on the street or trails with music blaring out of their speakerphone.  Personally, I’d recommend pairing this holder with a bluetooth headset, but would also like to caution all riders on the hazards of impairing your hearing while on the road, trail or course.  Satechi sells their Bikemate Slim Case for an affordable $24.99.  Considering the ease of installation and its ability to house a phone whether inside a case or not, and the competitive price point, the Bikemate Slim Case is a great gift for the mobile enthusiast in your home!


Thank you to Max Borges and Satechi for the review unit!