Review: ACase Superleggera PRO For The iPhone 5

We’ve been barreling our way through the slew of iPhone 5 cases that were sent our way in the past month, some of really stood out and others were so-so. Every once in a while we have a case show up on our door step that honestly isn’t worth the time to review. With the market flooded with so many different cases it’s hard to push through the muddy waters to find you, the readers, the case that you should actually spend your hard earned money on.

Both The_Liv and I had the A*Case Superleggera PRO show up, and we’ve both been giving it a try over the last few weeks. We had an early prototype version show up, and eventually were sent the final shipping product, so after a week or so of use with the final version I’ve put together my thoughts and opinions on the Superleggera PRO for the iPhone 5.

The case is a sturdy and tough dual-layer case made from protective silicone skin that covers your phone and then sits inside a tough strong polycarbonate cover. I like the idea of having a silicon or rubber inside on a case, especially the iPhone 5, knowing it won’t scuff or scratch my iPhone is something I really worry about since the release this past October. The case does offer great protection for your phone. The sturdy design and silicone insides gives you the sense of protection that will make you consider giving up your beefy Ballistic or Otterbox case while keeping a slim design.

I am not a fan of the thicker cases, so a high level of protection isn’t something I am after. I tend to really take care of my devices, so sacrificing safety for sexiness will always be something I do. But I know that there are a lot of people out there that purchase the bulkier cases to protect their devices, so they’ll be happy with knowing this offers great dual-layer protection packaged in a thin design. Compared to the rest of the high-level of protection cases that are out there, I do think this one can stand out because of how thin it actually is. The hard exterior shell doesn’t offer any grip and I actually found it slicker than I would like for any case I will use. I was using this case with a protective skin on the top, even with the lay-on-the-table design, I didn’t find any interference between the two.

You have your standard cut-outs for the camera as well as the mute toggle on the side. This was a huge problem for me, I found it hard at times to get my finger tip into the slot to toggle the Mute on and off. If you have a fingernail this wouldn’t be an issue, but for any guy out there or anyone that doesn’t have a longer nail, you’ll find this to be an issue. Unless you have toothpick like skinny fingers. You have your covered buttons for the Sleep/Wake button and the volume rocker, and cut-outs for your speaker and mic at the bottom.

Instead of cut-outs for your headphone jack and Lightning port, you are given a little flap that folds back giving you access to each port. You’ll obviously not be able to use this with any dock that will be released, so remember this when considering a purchase. These little flaps annoyed the crap out of me during use. It was hard for me to pull the flap out and hold it so it didn’t spring back into place so I could insert either of these cables. If I was to keep this case on my iPhone, I would almost consider cutting these off as to not have to worry about them. I do like the idea, as it keeps dust out of these two areas, as well as keeps them safe, but it was more of an annoyance than it was a nice feature.

You can choose from a bunch of different colors, all price out at $19.95. It’s one of the better priced cases we’ve seen, especially for the level of protection they are offering. The dual layer design is something that should withstand some harsher drops and keep your iPhone from suffering any shock or damage. The Superleggera PRO doesn’t feature a design that will stand out from the rest, and has more annoyances than I would like to have for every day use, but if you are looking for a slim design and above average protection, A*Case should do the job for the price.

For me, nothing about this case made me upset when it was time to take the case off and move on to another. There is nothing horrible about the case, but there really isn’t anything makes this case jump out above others. If you happened to use an A*Case with a previous iPhone and want to stick with what you know, as long as you weren’t sent the initial run that was recalled, you will probably be happy. But since there are so many cases out there, if you want people to give you their money, you really need to create something that will separate you from the rest, and although A*Case has a decent little case they are shipping, there are too many that have a one-up over the Superleggera PRO.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 3/5

Thanks to Max Borges Agency and A*Case for the review unit.