Review: Edifier Prisma e3350BT 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

Music, it’s something everyone has a love for. No matter if you blast your wub-wub dubstep for all of your neighbors to hear, or you fancy some classical tunes for a nice night browsing the web, music is something everyone is in to. We here at Gadgetsteria like a wide range of genres, so when we are given the chance to test a product while doing something we love to do, we usually won’t hesitate for a second. So when I was contacted about the products Edifier was shipping, I was excited to see what they had to offer.

I was sent the Prisma E3350BT Bluetooth Speakers for review, a speaker set featuring one of the sexiest subwoofers I have every laid eyes on. Most subwoofers are clunky junk boxes you want to hid in a corner or somewhere where no one will find, but Edifier has created something you want to show off as if it was a work of art. I actually find myself upset that the speakers are on my desk for all to see and the subwoofer is on the floor. The entire set fits well together and looks incredible sleek for almost any decor, and you have the option of 5 different colors. We were sent the black version, but you also have a white, silver, burnt gold and gem blue to choose from.

The curved, pyramid design of the subwoofer is a slick hunk-of-gorgeous with access to all the ports for speakers, power and the main control. The only knob on this you’ll have to worry about other than the power button is the bass level. I honestly think this is an inconvenient spot for this, as they should have somehow worked this into the main volume control so you can have easy access to adjusting the bass.

Attached are more wires than I care to remember on a Bluetooth speaker set: you have the power supply, the wires for the satellite speakers as well as a hard-wired volume control. The amount of slack between the subwoofer and the speaker set is adequate for a shorter range set up. You won’t be able to hide the subwoofer far from the speakers, but for a smaller set up you should have no issues. You also have the option to hardware this speaker system up via an included 3.5mm cable, but no reason sporting the Bluetooth speakers hardwired, am I right?

The large volume knob is a simple set up that lights up along with the power button. You have two colors, blue for in-use and red for on but no connected via Bluetooth. The dial is pretty simple to use, as with any volume controls, so anyone out there should be able to figure this out. The black matte system looks great next to my iMac, although the glossy white might be something I would like to see instead. Like I said above, only the volume control is on this hard-wired knob, you have no access to the Power button or the bass levels, which is quite odd. A nice touch though, for the volume control, is an optional 3.5mm headphone jack on the side. I do think this volume control is an unnecessary addition to the setup, but it’s there for novelty sake, I guess.

The speakers are perfectly sized for any environment, sitting around 9” tall and a little more than 4.5” wide, they’ll fit almost anywhere. The subwoofer is a around 11.5” tall and almost 10” wide, so you’ll have to keep it out of the way, but definitely somewhere where people can see it. The entire package - minus the cables - is actually a gorgeous setup.

Pairing is as simple as it gets, as Bluetooth always is. You can only pair one device at a time, which when having a speaker system in a household where everything runs wirelessly is a big inconvenience. When I have my iMac paired with the speaker, I have to manage my audio devices from the top Volume bar and choose to not use the Edifier speakers. Then I can successfully pair my iPhone. Having the ability to have two devices paired for use when the one or the other is not currently running would make this speaker so much more worth it. A light on both the remote and surrounding the power button on top of the subwoofer will light up blue when a successful pair has been made, but during no paired device it’ll remain red. The Prisma is rocking Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR and supports A2DP.

The sound quality blasting out of the 48-watt Edifier Prisma speakers is absolutely amazing. Ranging the music I used from guttural death metal to bass thumping hip hop, I honestly really found no complaints with this unit. The sound blares out without distortion or a noticeable level of Bluetooth compression. I was really impressed with the quality of these speakers. I found myself wanting to listen to music more during activities in which I really wouldn’t of needed to have my tunes playing.

The balance between clarity and bass on some heavier hitting dubstep or hip-hop tracks wasn’t overpowering at all. I was impressed that I received no rattling from the subwoofer. It came across in a subtle manor giving the rest of the music time to shine. I turned the dial to 11 and had the bass at max settings and even then there wasn’t an overpowering presence of eardrum-rattling bass. If you are looking for a set up that will knock you on your b-ass, you might want to look elsewhere, but if you aren’t addicted to the piss-your-neighbors-off-with-bass-nightmares and you just want to enjoy music of any genre in a beautiful and gorgeous sound, then this is for you.

Every genre of music deserves the chance to play out of these speakers. The balance of sound is so impressive and actually made me enjoy different songs and artists that I tend not to listen to. The volume blasting out of these speakers was plenty to fill my decently sized 3 bedroom apartment. I have a massive sized living space, and it was able to fill that with sweet sounds while spilling into the reset of my apartment. The subwoofer really gives this set-up what it needs with adding depth to your music without cluttering the sound with crunchy rattles and bass-gasms.

I used both the wired set up as well as wirelessly. I didn’t really notice that much of a difference between the two. Every once in a while though, I noticed some crackling when streaming via bluetooth, but this really only happened 1 or 2 times over the past couple weeks.

The Good

  • Clean and balanced sound
  • Enough bass to make you happy without overpowering the quality
  • Absolutely gorgeous design
  • Price
  • Controls for both volume and bass

The Bad

  • Cumbersome wire setup
  • Doesn’t have all controls on volume puck
  • Port placement on subwoofer is inconvenient to get to
  • Pairs with only one device at a time

The Verdict

The Edifier Prisma is a beautifully designed piece of hardware. I actually think it could be considered a ‘con’ because most subwoofers are just going to be hidden away under desk somewhere. The clean and balanced level of audio that this thing shoves out is absolutely amazing. If you love to listen to music but want just enough low-end sound to keep your party-animal at bay, then the Prisma is definitely an item to have in your house. Coming in at only $129, this could rival the more expensive units, but it definitely gives people looking to spend a little more than cheap on their music collection but really doesn’t want to spend so much that they might be left disappointed afterwards.

If you care about music, you’ll want to play it through these speakers. I recommend this for anyone looking to change their current set up and that wants the convenience of Bluetooth for wireless streaming. You’ll only get 1 device paired at a time, but that is something you can live with when you know that 1 device is paired with these speakers.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 8/10

Thanks to Max Borges Agency and Edifier for the Review Unit!