Tweetdeck For Mac 2.1 Brings Photo/Player Card Support, Keyboard Shortcuts And More.

The classic power user app for Twitter users on OS X, Tweetdeck, has received a new update today, raising it’s version number to 2.1. If you’re into Twitter’s newfound focus on “cards”, you’re in luck; the new update brings support for photo and player cards. Also in the mix: keyboard shortcuts (yes!) search editing (columns specifically) as well as a vague “70+ other fixes and improvements”.

While the keyboard shortcuts might make legitimate power users jump for joy, take note that the effort is in its infancy. Currently, the only shortcuts supported are basic, though, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company continued to bring more keyboard shortcuts as time rolls on.

The list of keyboard shortcuts now supported:

  • “N” - Open new tweet compose window
  • “CTRL + Enter” - Send Tweet
  • “ESC” - Close active compose window (or any other active pop-up window)

Personally, we’ll stick with Tweetbot and Osfoora until more features (and shortcuts like RT/Quote/Reply become part of Tweetdeck’s repertoire. And if you’ve been following the constant changes Twitter has levied on its developer and customer userbase in recent months, such a wait might take quite a while.

Via: TNW