CES 2013: Phonesuit

We reviewed Phonesuit’s Elite battery case for the iPhone 4S back in May of 2012. In 2013 we’re eager to get our hands on the iPhone 5 compatible version. But, like many other accessory manufacturers, Phonesuit is waiting on Apple. Still, it’s worth talking about because the Phonesuit Elite battery case we checked out was our top pick for longest running (single) battery case for the iPhone 4S. And we see no reason why Phonesuit can’t continue their great performance into the next generation with the iPhone 5.

While the iPhone 5 compatible battery case wasn’t in-house at CES to check out, the did have their new iPhone 5 compatible “Flex” micro battery pack. This aluminum clad miniature battery pack features either a micro USB, 30-pin dock connector or Lightning connector (non-swappable tips) and a built-in 2,600 mAh battery - good enough to charge just above every phone at least once to 100%. The nice part of the Micro is that it’s super tiny (compared to many other battery packs) and just super convenient to have in your pocket/bag/purse.

The micro USB and 30-pin versions are $79.95 and the Lightning version will retail for $84.95 when it hits the streets in the coming weeks/months.

Other goodies on hand include the companies 3,500 mAh Power Core Micro battery pack, 7,000 mAh Power Core Ultra and 12,000 mAh Power Core Max battery packs which retail for $79.95, $99.95 and “TBD” respectively.

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