CES 2013: Toast - Protective Wood Skins For The iPhone And Other Devices

While we were trolling the iLounge this afternoon at CES, we happened across a little booth that caught our eyes. We stopped in because we saw some sexy wood skins scattered across shelves and peg hooks.

Toast is a company based out of my neck of the woods, Portland Oregon, and the reason they came about is because the CEO wanted to protect his iPhone, but hated how bulky actual cases were. He wanted something nice and not just some protective skin. So he decided it was time to use what we have plenty of here in Portland - trees.

These skins are made out of real wood and they laser etch whatever design you upload to their website. From detailed designs, to simple text, they can etch it right into the wood and personalize your iPhone the way you want it. The back is just your every day 3M adhesive and they give your iPhone a sophisticated look while still keeping your device safe from scratches.

Different colors of wood are available, but both Mike and I will admit that the lighter wood looked absolutely sexy. Styles are available for your iPhone, Galaxy S3, iPad as well as your iPad Mini. For the iPhone and Galaxy S3, the plain wood is $25 for just the back. The wrap that goes on the sides, this is a separate piece, and will run you an extra $5. Etched wood will cost you $30. The iPad Mini is $35 for the plain cover, and $40 for the etched design. The iPad will run you $45 for the plain cover, and this is the only option you have.

Head on over to their website and see all their options and add your own design in gorgeous real wood to your device.

  • Gib

    Sweet Lord those are sexy

    • http://Gadgetsteria.com Jordan Carpenter

      They seriously are. I am going to try to get more involved in learning all about them since they are only a few short minutes from me here in Portland!