CES 2013: Avance

During our trek through the iLounge at CES, we saw an iPhone 5 battery case that caught our eye. At this point in the show, we knew that everyone was having fierce problems with Apple and the licensing of the Lightning connector. We know that everyone is just waiting for that to start production and shipping. So when we saw this case, we knew there was some time before release, but it was one of the nicer units we saw.

The Avance Ultra-Slim battery case has already been released for the iPhone 4/4S in a 1500mAh model, but they are just waiting on Apple to start shipping the iPhone 5 version that features a 2200mAh battery. We liked two things about this case, the first was how incredibly thin this case was. We were actually blow away with the amount of bulk this case does not add to your iPhone 5. The second thing was that the connector part of the case is a small slide on at the bottom. Usually you slide your phone down into a case, or the connector is built into something that latches on to the back of your phone. This is a slider case that has a small section that slides into the bottom and plugs in via the Lightning connector. The 4 LED indicator lights that give you the level of your batter are located directly under the bottom of the iPhone on that connector case addition, and on the side of the case has the Micro-USB port for charging.

The other item that really stood out at their booth was a product that Avance was honored for by CES for Design and Engineering. The LifePak mini external battery features a 1300mAh high-voltage rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It is impossibly small and features one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in a battery pack - no cables. Right now, shipping in a 30-pin version, all male-end ports are built into the battery pack. It has a simple slider in the pack that will push out the 30-pin connector at a push of a thumb, or if you slide it the other way, the USB end will pop out. This is great for the person on the go that needs that emergency power when the time comes. No cables to worry about, and a decent little batter that is insanely lightweight and will give you enough juice to keep on going.

There are plans for the Lightning connector version to be shipped, but they didn’t even have a prototype there for us to view, but I’ll admit that the 30-pin version was oh-so-sexy. Take a jump over to their website and take a peak at all they have to offer.