CES 2013: KubxLab

During CES Unveiled, we had a chance to get our hands on all of the new items KubxLab has to offer. As we trolled the show floor, we noticed that almost every company has a Bluetooth speaker on the market. Something that KubxLab does differently is that they create a case that snaps onto your iDevice and adds an acoustic amplifier that makes your device over 2x louder.

We’ve reviewed an acoustic amplifier in the past for the iPhone 4S, but in no way was it something that could be used day-to-day. It would require taking it off when you needed to do anything else with your iPhone. What is nice about the KubxLab for the iPhone 5 is that it is a functional case that really doesn’t add that much extra bulk to the back of the device. It does pop it out, but I found no hindrance in functionality. It is comfortable to hold and really creates a full and rich output of volume.

The case itself looks really interesting and is eye catching and makes you want to know more about what’s connected to your iPhone. The KubxLub AmpJacket for the iPhone 5 available for pre-order now, and will start shipping on January 16th, 2013. The price is $34.95 and it will ship in 8 colors.

KubxLab also released the AmpJacket for the iPad Mini. Same functionality but the handle style amplifier on the back really creates an amazing way to hold your Mini. Yes, Apple boasts and shows people holding the iPad Mini with one hand, but in all honesty, that really isn’t a feasible way of doing it. The AmpJacket for the Mini is so versatile it will not only boost the volume of your iPad Mini but it creates one of the most comfortable ways I’ve held that little device. This functionality is available for all devices but it felt the best when attached to the Mini.

Another amazing feature when coupled with the Apple Smart Cover, you can fold it back and it will slid into a small groove on the back of the amplifier that will allow for different viewing angles. The AmpJacket for the iPad Mini doesn’t have a release date yet, or a price, but we do know it’s coming soon.

All the products we got our hands on were so comfortable and added additional features to the device you didn’t already have. Better sound, different and easier ways to hold the device, it’s an all-around great product. Also, though their website doesn’t list the AmpJacket for the iPad 3 or 4, we did see a prototype for the larger iPad that makes it easier to grip, makes a better sound output and adds the same Smart Cover functionality we mentioned for the iPad Mini.

Head on over to KubxLab’s website and check out all they have to offer. We can’t wait to get our hands on their AmpJacket for an extended period of time to really test out the volume change. We were jammed in with all of the other people at Unveiled, and we were even there able to hear the difference in volume.