CES 2013: TYLT

One of my favorite stops this past week happened to be in the South Hall with a colorful booth brought to our eyes by TYLT. If you aren’t too familiar with what they do, let’s just leave a vague description here on the table - they specialize in charging all the things. Not only do they seem like they are doing it well, but they are doing it in style and color. We got a full tour of the booth, and since there isn’t an internet long enough, I can’t really place all that information here. I’ll go over everything they have and what they unveiled, but I’ll leave some special points of the items that really stood out.

TYLT got it’s start in the charging solutions for your devices, but has since moved on to not only charging them, but protecting them as well, which is noticeable by their large selection of cases as well as charging solutions. TYLT has some really original products that really style and color. Whether it happens to be a USB car charger that is shaped like a Y or a fruit roll-up style charge, they do it what they do very well.

To highlight what was new and announced at CES, I’ll throw in a bit of information per item. We’ll really focus on the individual products as we work our way through reviews and special posts:

Band Wall Charge

First up is the Band Wall Charger, this guy is a flat rubber style USB charger that will plug straight into the wall and can charge up to two devices at a time. All you have to do is unravel the Fruit Roll-up style rubber charge, plug it in, and it’ll tap directly into your iPhone via Lightning connector. On the plug that goes into the wall you are also given a USB port for charging that second device.

This comes in an array of colors and features a nifty roll-up design that spins around the plug and then magnetizes itself to stay rolled up. It’s compact and sleek so you never have to worry about taking care of your Lightning cable again.

It fits and works as you would expect and looks great in the process. During my hands on, I can assure you that it isn’t as fruity as you’d come to hope!

Band Car Charge

Next up is the Band Car Charger, it works as Wall Charge does, minus the snazzy roll-up feature. It’ll also charge both devices at a time and comes in an extensive color range.

This is made out of the same durable rubber that the Wall Charge is and won’t get all nasty tangled in your pocket or bag. This is perfect for on-the-go person that needs something easy and durable while traveling. It measures 2 feet long, 5/8 inch wide and 1/10 of an inch thick and weighs 2 ounces.

This is available in a micro USB version and an Apple Lightning version will be shipping soon. It also has a second USB port on the charge to add the option to charge a second device.

VU Wireless Charger

A non-Apple device product that was announced this year is the VU Wireless Charge that will allow you to charge your Galaxy S3 without cables at an angle that will allow viewing during the charge process.

In ships in 3 vibrant colors and will allow the S3 to lay at a 45 degree angle and charge at the same time. The VU Wireless Charge is compatible with any Qi compatible device.

It is made out of a soft touch material and offers the great viewing angle. The Qi technology offers the same speed as USB for charging. There are already some phones that are shipping with this technology, the LG™ Nexus 4, Nokia™ Lumia 810, 820, 822 and 920, and Droid™ DNA all have it built in.

Energi Backpack

The biggest release I would have to say goes to a wearable charging solution - the Energi Backpack. I know there are other options out there for charge backs, but from what we saw from the folks over at TYLT will blow them all out of the water. Keeping a sleek form factor all while offering the most amount of space, pockets and charging abilities all while keeping a consistent comfort level is something that was nailed on the head from TYLT. In a few different levels of bag, you can customize the cable management and look good doing it.

Both Mike and I loved what we saw with this bag and can’t wait to get our hands all over it. This will be shipping in a couple months and we’ll be sure to let you know what we think. It can accomdate up to four full smartphone charges and one full tablet charge.

It has been designed to meet TSA checkpoint requirements so consumers can pass through security without removing their laptop. The bag is made out of a 1680D Poly Material and has an impressive 10,400mAh rechargeable battery that is removable and has over 190 cubic inches of space spread across 12 pockets.

Y-Charge 4.2

The next product released is a tiny but a goody, the Y Charger. This little guy is a stiff rubber car charger that will plug right into your cigarette lighter and charge up to two devices via USB. This will keep both the driver and the passenger happy while they are in the car with dead devices.

Conveniently split ports allow for easy access for both sides of the vehicle. The Y-Charge’s 2.1 Amps for each USB port provides the maximum charge speed today’s devices will accept.

Tunz Bluetooth Speaker

Tunz is the next release TYLT brought to the table, and this one is getting them into the Bluetooth speaker arena. This little guy features two x 3-watt drivers and a Passive Radiator for superior base quality that will deliver incredible sound to your ear drums.

The speaker also acts as a charging station for smartphones and tablets. The Tunz device has a built-in noise canceling mic that allows users to switch from music to hands free calling. This little guy will pack a punch to your ears all while charging all the things via NFC.

Energi Power Case

Also released for the iPhone 5 is a sleek and glossy protective case that comes with a built-in battery that doubles the standard life of the battery. There should also be a version released for the Galaxy S3 but I did have a hands on session with the iPhone 5 version and I’ll have to admit that I am in love with this case.

Battery cases for the iPhone 5 have been troublesome because of the licensing issues Apple is placing on manufacturers, but as TYLT has shown, they’ll keep up the good work no matter what and just sit and wait to deliver what could be a title taking champ in the battery case world.

The Energi case comes packed with a 2500mAh battery and only adds 9mm to the thickness and 10mm to the length and weights only 3.35oz. The case features a slide on style so you can keep the protective snap-on case guarding your device and then just slide on the thin battery pack when needed. We saw a couple cases at CES that had this same style but in a snap-on battery, but I really like this slide in style.

Bumpr and SQRD Case

TYLT has also announced the SQRD case and Bumpr case for the iPhone 5. This bumper style case is made to protect your screen from all sorts of damage. Built to last, built to protect, this case will keep your iPhone slim and stylish in a crud ton of colors.

The SQRD case will enhance the look and feel of the iPhone 5, adding some grip support and overall comfort to the Apple Device. It’s made out of a flexible yet durable material adding a shock-proof yet slim design.

TAGZ Programmable NFC Stickers

All of these devices were announced this year, but they have so many products to be proud of. We enjoyed our meeting with them and can’t wait to get our hands on all they have to offer. But a post about a company you might not have heard of wouldn’t be complete without some need wireless charging news for the Galaxy S3. During CES, TYLT announced that they have partnered with Tagstand to create NFC-Enabled Smart Mobile Accessories.

Using a creation called Tagz, the consumer can place these special tags that ship in a pack of six, on any of your devices, giving you the ability to customize different devices and aspects of your life to fit the area they are in. For example, if you have the Tunz Bluetooth speaker in a room, you can place a Tagz on the speaker, lay your S3 on it, and it will automatically know the playlist you wanted and begin playing. You can set this up for all the capable equipment and save yourself the time and effort of programming in the info each and every time.

The available accessories for the NFC-Enabled equipment are the Tunz and Capio. Obviously you can use anything you might have, but both the Tunz will handle the chip, and the Capio can handle for use with your mobile preferences. Giving you the ability to adhere this to your vehicle with the car mount without any clamps or brackets.

All of these items are shipping this year, the products featuring a Lightning connector are just waiting for Apple to approve the licensing requests. Head on over to their website and you’ll be able to check out everything they have to offer.