Review: pi Mount For iPhone And iPod

While we were admiring some random MacBook and iPad stand/docks at CES this past January, in the same booth was a nifty and very simple looking contraption that was draped over Apple’s wall charging unit that ships with the iPhone and iPod.

To me, simplistic design and functionality goes a long way. That is why I’ve been drawn to Apple and the Mac OS since the 80′s. Ease of use and the amazing bells and whistles without actually having all the bells and whistles is something that will draw me to your product again and again. This little mount, as simple and ingenious as they come, really got me going. I mean, seriously, there really isn’t anything to it, but when you think about it, there isn’t really anything else on the market. Yeah, of course there are docks and charging stations and doohickies and whatchamacallets flooding the market, but when it comes down to it, we are really left out to dry when it comes to a way to safely mount our iPhone when it isn’t at the computer syncing and charging.

If you are anything like me, you’ll have your iPhone plugged more into the wall than you will into your computer. I utilize wifi sync and the cloud to manage and handle all my data, so the 110volt sitting in my wall gets used more than anything else. The problem with this is that my iPhone is either laying on the floor or counter. No one, at least where I’ve lived, as been smart enough to put outlets at desk level so I can just plug and lay on my desk. So until that day comes, the pi Mount will have to be my sweet cherry filled savior.

There really isn’t anything to it, so this review isn’t going to be filled with pros and cons, it’s really just going to be a few hundred words on how awesome this thing is. It’s sooooo very simple, you have your Apple wall charger, and then your USB cable. What the pi Mount achieves is keeping your phone from dangerously lurking on countertops and floors where they are susceptible to all the harsh liquids and feet that travel the Earth. When a clip style base that fits snugly over the wall charger, and a mount with nothing more than a pi symbol keeps your iPhone hovering over danger.

Plug your USB cable into your iDevice and rest in the groove of the mount. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. There is one slight issue with this, I noticed that with a case on the phone, even though it still fits perfectly, it sometimes fell forward. It didn’t come out of the mount, it just rested on the front lip instead of on the larger rear slab. Again…That’s it… It’s seriously a gorgeous little piece of plastic that blows my mind. I have about 4 of these scattered throughout my house keeping mine and my wife’s phones out of harms way, and we’ve never been happier.

There is one thing I’d like to see added into a possible pi 2.0, and that would be some sort of cable management system, or even a shorter Lightning cable that ships with the pi Mount. All you pay for such a device is $9, so drop in an extra $10 for a Lightning cable and you have a serious piece of plastic for under $20. But that is just a dream for now, so $9 is all it takes to be just that much safer with your hunk of Apple hardware.

There really isn’t anything I can say that justifies not picking a couple of these up, it does exactly what it is supposed to. It’s simple, it’s cute, and it just freaking works. Head on over to their website and drop some of the 9 best $1 bills you’ll ever spend.

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