ECBC Launches New Rolling Luggage That Gives Airport Security The One-Two

We had a chance to stop by the ECBC booth at CES this past January and I’ll say that I was impressed with a lot of the bags they were pushing out to consumers. From small iPad bags all the way up to full-sized luggage, ECBC is keeping convenience and style at the front of their minds.

Something that really stood out to me was their line of luggage they were showing off, carry-on sized luggage that offers the FastPass system giving you the easy route when it comes to the airport security, as well as battery packs built into the luggage to give you that extra pounding of juice when you need it most - traveling.

This May, ECBC will be launching their new line of travel rolling luggage consisting of 3 different styles; the Sparrow which is a rolling carry on garment bag, the Falcon which is a rolling duffle bag, and last but not least the Pegasus, which rounds it up as the carry on backpack style bag.

The Sparrow

The Sparrow isn’t your typical garment bag, this bag features everything you are used to in a garment bag, but a whole heck of a lot more. The bag is ‘TSA compliant’ giving you an easy unzippable front flap that makes it so much easier to pass through security. No more taking out each electronic device and placing it in a tub, you can just unzip and place the bag on the belt and let it go. It gives security the easy viewing angles they need at all your tech goodies. Because of this, you get the benefit of not having your electronics flapping all over as this bag keeps them housed security in their slots.

The Sparrow holds up to a 15″ laptop, while also having designated slots for an iPad, iPad Mini as well as all your power chords. Packed inside this bag is also a battery pack that will keep you charged on the go when you are unable to find an outlet. The Sparrow is around 22 inches tall, making it the perfect sized carry on. Oh, and it’ll carry your clothes too!

The Falcon

The Falcon is ECBC’s Duffle style bag, giving you all the carry on features you know and love, but with a few extra points that’ll make you happy. Featuring the same FastPass ‘TSA comliant’ feature as the rest of the line, The Falcon has the same duffle zippers, but the top being the lay-flat system that makes it perfect for passing through security. You can pack up to a 15″ laptop in this bag, as well as your iPad, iPad Mini and all their designated chords. A nice feature about the bags, is they have a water repellent coating making it that much more convenient for on-the-go travelers. Another amazing piece about the bag is the molded bottom which has a built-in impact-resistant skid plates that will keep all of your electronics safe if you happen to drop it, or the airport employees feel a little sporty and want to toss your bag around.

The Falcon also features 2″ expandability, giving you that extra room when you need it. If the standard 22″ model doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can also pick up a 26″ or 30″ model, for those of you that have way too many items when traveling.


Rounding up the new ECBC line is the Pegasus. This backpack style rolling bag is probably my favorite out of the bunch. Combining the convenience of a rolling carry on with the versatility of a backpack makes this bag really stand out. Just like the two bags above, the Pegasus features the FastPass feature for easy access to all of your electronics when passing through security. As with the others, this bag again features the iPad, iPad Mini and power chord slots all while holding up to a 15″ laptop. The charging pack is present as well which gives PowerBag and the like a run for their money.

The Pegasus also features an ergonomically designed hide-away shoulder strap system with adjustment points and sternum strap, and an extremely comfortable back padding design. Sitting at 22″ tall, you get the benefits of a carry on rolling bag mixed with the convenience of a backpack. I personally can’t wait to try this one out!

The new line of bags will be available in May of 2013 at EC-BC’s internet box, and will range from $299-$399. They aren’t available as of right now, but keep checking back! Until then, take a look below for all the high res images of each bag!

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