Review: PhoneSuit Flex And Power Core Battery Packs

Your fancy, feature packed smartphone has just run out of juice. Now what? If you’re like most humans, you start looking for an outlet/power source of some kind. If you manage to get lucky and actually find one out and about, you then get to play the outlet hopping game the rest of the day, taking small breaks at each outlet you find along the way to charge up your battery just enough to make it to the next place. What a way to live, eh? That’s why battery packs are wonderful things to add to your bag, purse or pocket. The peace of mind they provide can’t be beat in today’s electronic world.

Today, we’re taking a look at two of PhoneSuit’s newer offerings, the Flex and Power Core. Which one you choose depends largely on what type of person you are and just how abusive you are on your device’s poor battery.


The PhoneSuit Flex supports both micro USB, the 30-pin Apple dock connector and Apple’s Lightning connector (soon). We’ve had the microUSB model in-house and have been using it regularly ever since getting home from CES. In terms of size, it’s one of the smallest battery packs you’ll find. What’s extremely nice, though, is that instead of featuring a battery that is too small (typical of packs this size), PhoneSuit decided to cut the crap and just pack the biggest battery possible inside. Speaking of which, you’re looking at a 2,600 mAh charger - enough for most smartphones on the market to get a 100% charge (or damn near close). Better yet, it features a higher amperage rating to more quickly charge your device’s battery.

Four LED indicator lights on the right side show you the charge status of the Flex’s internal battery and a microUSB port on the side allows for recharging purposes.

The devices that mesh the best with Flex are the ones with microUSB ports located along the bottom of the device, and more-so the middle of the bottom. Not all manufacturers have the common sense to design a phone this way but rest assured, the Flex will still work.

For the person who doesn’t need a ton of power and can see their work day extended into the evening with something as small as the Flex, it’s the perfect option for backup power.

$69.95 and it’s yours.

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Power Core

For the real gadget junkies out there who either need multiple re-charges for their phone throughout the day (or have multiple devices needing charged), a bit more power is needed, not to mention, options for charging. That’s where the Power Core comes in. With 3,500 mAh of battery power on tap for the same $69.95, it’s almost a no-brainer upgrade. In addition to more battery power, the Power Core features a slick design, large LED indicator lights and a full-size USB port for plugging in your own device’s charging cable thereby opening up the list of supported devices to basically every modern gadget made in the last half a decade.

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Which One?

So why get the Flex over the Power Core when it’s the same price but less power? Size. Miniaturization isn’t cheap. Also, space is at a premium for many people. Likewise, space isn’t cheap either. When all you need is little shot of juice near the end of your day, the Flex is the more portable option hands down. And if you’re not one who constantly lugs around multiple gadgets, it’s utility makes even more sense.

The Power Core is for the hardcore, plain and simple. It’s bigger, but more capacious.

No matter which pack you choose, you’re getting a great product and an awesome travel buddy.


  • Antonio

    Do you know what store I can get the Flex for the Galaxy S3? (Best Buy, Fryes, etc)

    • The Gadgeteur

      As far as I know just their website for now.