Introducing: The New Facebook Feed

Facebook has seen some of their more spry and evolving competitors continue to push forward in the UI/UX department while their product has grown quite bloated and stale. Today, however, Facebook tossed their cards into the pile by unveiling a brand new timeline design for both desktop and mobile versions of the site.

The design is by far one of the biggest visual overhauls since the social network debuted over half a decade (god, we’re old) ago. Besides just looking nicer, the new newsfeed and timeline now separate content into categories, with Mark Zuckerberg calling it a “personalized newspaper”.

On the desktop, the separate feeds for things like text and photo updates are all located to the left side of the timeline whereas on mobile, the aforementioned tabs can be found hiding out up at the top of your screen. While we’re on the subject of these feeds, it’s worth pointing out that Facebook is moving to present itself as a social + news platform instead of simply a place to hang out online. Evidence of this can be found in one of the new tabs which organizes and collects content published from people you follow but aren’t friends with.

Photos and albums now feature larger images and content from online publications feature lengthier summaries and the logo of said publication. Also, hovering over the icons of friends who’ve shared similar content will display a that specific person’s comments on the content at hand.

Facebook is also putting a larger emphasis on “Likes” with the UI revamp by showing content similar to content you’ve liked in the past as well as user’s friends’ stories.

And now the question on everyone’s mind: “When can we get it?” According to Facebook, the new desktop design starts rolling out today…to a limited group of users, with the rest of us not so lucky ones seeing the new design in the coming days/weeks as the bugs are worked out. Meanwhile, the mobile version should drop “in the next few weeks”. Tip: check out

From an initial glance, it looks a lot like Google+ with a bit of tumblr thrown in. That said, we’re as happy as anyone with the new design as it has been sorely needed for a long time now. Granted, while we’re happy with the changes many people won’t be. You can’t ever please anyone. That said, where do you stand? Do you like what Facebook has turned the newsfeed into?