Mozilla Says No Public Release Of Firefox For iOS Until Apple Changes Polices

mozilla_firefoxApple’s Safari browser that ships with iOS is a pretty awesome browser in terms of raw performance. Featurewise, however, it leaves quite a bit to be desired. One of the most popular 3rd party alternatives is none other than Google’s Chrome. On the feature front it isn’t itself quite as packed as some like Dolphin or Atomic, but it is fast and more feature packed than Safari. But it’s not as fast as it could be. Because Apple restricts all third party browsers to using UIWebView, and thereby blocking them from using the Nitro javascript engine that Safari makes use of, the handicap is unavoidable. But as we can see by the various third party browsers floating around in the App Store, many developers have made the sacrifices needed to play in Apple’s playground. Mozilla apparently won’t.

According to Mozilla VP Jay Sullivan, a public release of Firefox for iOS won’t happen until Apple makes a few changes to their rules regarding third party app access on iOS. The most important thing Mozilla would like to see: allowing third party browsers like Firefox to use iOS’ browser specific technologies to their full extent instead of being artificially handicapped. Of course, we as end users would also like to see the ability to set our own custom default apps. For now, such things don’t look all too certain so anyone looking for equal performance and replacement of default apps, jailbreaking is your only bet for now.

Mozilla realizes they are potentially hurting themselves by not playing ball with Apple’s rules. But to them, it’s the principle of the matter. And in that regard, we can respect them for that.

Mozilla aside, what browser do you currently use on your iOS device?

Via: iDownloadblog