AT&T Says BlackBerry Z10 Coming March 22nd For $199

BlackBerry’s re-boot hedges on one single device (at the moment) - the Z10. While many other places around the planet have been able to start buying up the company’s latest and greatest for a couple weeks now, the U.S. is just now getting the privilege.

Pre-orders for the Z10 begin March 12th with actual shipment occurring on the 22nd. The reason for the delay in the U.S.: *drum roll* “extensive (read: unnecessarily lengthy) carrier testing”.

If the touch-only Z10 isn’t quite your thing and you’re instead looking for the touch + QWERTY Q10, keep waiting. Neither BlackBerry nor AT&T divulged any new information on said model today.

Anyone taking part in Z10 pre-order festivities?

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