Credit cards and the Galaxy S4: Q Card Case does it all!

Q Card

CM4 prides themselves on building and designing premium products to enhance the feel and experience of various types of electronics devices.   Check out their website and you’ll see that CM4 make cases for a variety of devices ranging from Wii controllers, PSP and other gaming devices as well as iPhone cases.  They also recently launched the Q Card case for the Galaxy S4.  Without getting into the details of why someone like myself would choose the S4 as their daily driver, but there are generally two knocks against it: the plastic backing and the rear-facing speaker.

Aside from being a sleek looking case, the Q Card also helps the S4 make up for the deficiencies mentioned above: utilizing the soft-touch rubber and fabric, the Q Card removes the cheap feeling in the s4.  Also helpful is the Direct Channel Audio port that was built in as well.  With the Direct Channel Audio, the Q Card case helps route sound from the rear speaker towards the user and the front of the device.  Audiophiles may notice a slight degradation in sound quality, however the overall increase in loudness is a very welcome tweak to the S4.

CM4 Amplifier

What I liked most about this case was simply that it’s a solid case.  It offers protection, with the ability to lay your phone face down if desired.  Further, it the feel is in fact that of a premium design; many cases offer protection but come across cheap…this is certainly not the case with the Q Card from CM4.


There weren’t really things I disliked about the Q Card case - I did however have a hard time trusting the card case on the rear for one simple reason: because I’m right handed, I have a certain way that I hold my phone to take pictures and video, and that coincidentally puts the card opening bottom down.  Old habits die hard you know, so I just couldn’t bring myself to rotate the phone the other direction.  Did I ever lose a card?  Negative.  I can’t say that I even noticed anything jostling around like it was loose - it was simply that feeling that something would fall out.

Again, this is a solid case!  If you’re in the market, or looking for a great option to change the look and feel (and utility!) of your phone, hit up CM4′s website and plunk down some cash for the Q Card case!

Price: $39.99

Thank you to Max Borges and CM4 for the review unit!