Disa Is The Unified Messaging System Android Should Already Have


One of the great things about Android is that you can customize it to your heart’s content. Don’t like something, change it! The same goes for even system level apps. Browsers are one typical replacement often made as soon as getting a new phone. But another popular thing to replace is the stock messaging app. The only problem is that while message app replacements are different from a UI/feature perspective, most aren’t any smarter. Disa, a new truly unified messaging app currently in alpha, looks to change that.

While there’s still a bit of waiting to be had while the devs work through the kinks and get more integrated services working, the potential looks pretty high. Imagine using one, single app to quickly yet easily conduct multiple conversations across SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and plenty others. It’s a tech junky dream come true. For now, just SMS and WhatsApp integration is supported. But you can be sure we’ll be keeping Disa in our sights.

If you want to check it out now, head on over to the Google Play Store to download the alpha now - Play Link

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Via: Droid-Life