The Most Important Features for Your HR Management Software


Human Resource departments take care of a variety of important issues involving the staff members of a company. To help facilitate the job, you need resourceful HR Management Software that can handle everything you need to do for your company to streamline your processes, making everything much more efficient. Although most companies have some sort of software for their HR department, many still use outdated systems and therefore miss out on the opportunity to utilize a more capable system. According to research firm IDC, there was a 12.3 percent jump in worldwide spending on HR software in 2012, meaning that companies are starting to replace their old software with the new, better versions on the market today. You should look at your company’s software and decide whether it is time to update. Although different companies will have different needs from the software, knowing what you need from the software, and what features are the most important, will help you decide whether to update and narrow down your search if you decide to look for new software.

Integrated Database

The most important feature for your Management Software is a very detailed, strong integrated database. You can enter the details of all your employees, including their education, skills, position, years they have worked at the company and more. This can help you keep track of small things, like whose birthdays are in which month, along with ensuring that you are complying with any employment laws or regulations, like ADA requirements. You can also easily search employees with applicable skills or education for a one-off job. Furthermore, you can keep track of any on the job training, continuing education, or any other skills building exercises that your employees undergo. You can also keep track of all performance reviews, problems with an employee, and other important information regarding each and every one of the company’s staff members, no matter how small or large your company is.

Application and Recruitment

You will also want a database that allows for easy tracking of applicants for any open positions. With online recruiting software, you can easily keep track of all prospective candidates. You can also search through resumes for applicable candidates, schedule interviews, make notes, communicate with your prospective employees, and more. A good system will also make it easy to incorporate the necessary tasks for using online sources to recruit new applicants, like social media and third party resources.

Timestamp and Payroll

Your HR Management Software should also integrate your payroll information. Most software will include the ability to keep track of employees’ schedules and their time cards, making it really easy to go through payroll each pay period. Good payroll software will also track employee salaries, tax withholdings, any benefits, 401K contributions, and more. Even if you have a company with thousands of employees, each with different compensation, benefits, and schedules, your HR system can easily track it all. It will make payroll simple and easy, and you can often integrate direct deposit as well. Furthermore, you can keep track of vacations, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, and anything else.

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