Review: iSkin ProTouch TITAN Screen Protection

Mike and I have been reviewing screen protection and iPhone cases for years now, we love to beat the stuff we’re sent day in an day out. Screen protection is a hit or miss category though, the favorite at the GS camp is Spigen’s Glas.t line. We’ve seen that film that almost every company shell out, and we know when it’s just another filler for our drawers. Spigen’s has the right idea with their tempered glass screen protects, they are heavy duty, tough as balls, but you do sacrifice a slim design when using them. So when I see a product that claims to be strong but is still a film instead of glass, I kind of get excited. We were recently sent the ProTouch TITAN for our iPhone 5 and have given it the go-to and have some thought on the $24.99 offering from iSkin.

Quality & Build

The ProTouch Titan actually some of the strongest built film I’ve every laid on the screen of my iPhone. I’ve used so many different brands, and this actually feels like something more than a Durex condom. It is thick without being thick. The 3 layer design offers scratch and impact resistant top layer, a shock absorbing middle layer and the strengthening adhesive bottom layer, giving you protection against all of your daily bumps, bruises, and scrapes.

Screen protector after screen protection, I get scared when I actually drop my iPhone. Most films give the illusion of protection, but they’ll just protect you against keys and nails, or whatever else you’ll keep in your pocket. The Glas.t line protects against actually drops, something I think iSkin can actually live up to. According to the video, I can beat the hell out of my iPhone and it’ll be fine. Now, I love you all, but I will not beat the hell out of my iPhone for you. I’m sorry, it isn’t going to happen. If iSkin offered a replacement, then maybe, but it isn’t going to happen until then. But even though they won’t do that, and I won’t hit my iPhone with a hammer, I feel like I could.

Most screen protectors can be somewhat troublesome to peel off, the Titan doesn’t have the luxury of this, at least in my tests. After days of having on my iPhone, I could easily peel up the edges, this is a huge problem for me, as I am constantly sliding my iPhone in and out of my pocket. But, installation was a breeze, and bubbles were nonexistent. I love this about the Titan, no pesky sprays or solutions, no sliding it around to get it straight. It’s just as simple as a Spigen Glas.t, just lay it on the screen and press down, applying the pressure from bottom to the top. That’s it, nothing more and nothing less.

iSkin claims HD quality and they deliver. The screen is gorgeous on its own, and the ProTouch Titan doesn’t comprise this. All the pixels scream “hey you guys” as they would if you were wearing a naked iPhone, and this is a huge plus!


Screen protectors come and go, we have our favorites, and we have pieces that littler our desk drawers, never seeing the light of day, until we have to get a present for someone we don’t really want to spend money on. iSkin is in a different category. The ProTouch Titan is built to protect, and pairs beautifully with your iPhone 5/5C/5S. Quality is perfect, protection is Hulk-ish. And for $24.99, there is no reason you shouldn’t pick yourself up a pair for iPhone 5 and higher or your Samsung Galaxy S4. We highly recommend the Titan and can’t suggest any other screen protector under that $25 price point.

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