MacPhun Releases A New Mac App Aimed At Image Detail Enhancement - Intensify!!

Photo apps seem to be a dime a dozen in the past couple years. Whether it is for your mobile device or your desktop, you can process, enhance, fix, clean up, mask, or do whatever you’d like to any photo from almost any device. This might be true, but when MacPhun sets out to release an app, we tend to not just shove it in a folder somewhere on our Mac’s Launchpad.

Hot off the presses is MacPhun’s latest attempt at making your crappy photography skills that much better - Intensify. With Intensify, MacPhun is getting away from what other apps “dabble” at and specifically focus on image detail enhancement. No more utilizing different filters within an app, and hoping you are applying the right adjustment before sharing with all 6 of your friends. Now you can just fire up an app, load an image and chose different presets that will only enhance your photo to find the detail you were initially hoping to get.

Key uses include:

  • Quickly achieve power and drama in your photos
  • Reveal hidden details, even in photos with lowcontrast
    or complex lighting
  • Improve the color range of your photos
  • Achieve incredible quality and results with effect
    layers and selective enhancement

Key features include:

  • 4 detail enhancement methods: Pro Contrast,
    Structure, Details and Micro Sharpness
  • Precise control based on tonal range unleashes hidden
  • Dozens of professionally created presets provide oneclick
  • Multiple effect layers offer the ultimate in flexibility
  • Selective enhancement with smart brushes, gradients
  • Image tuning controls and finishing features
  • Instant image sharing to popular social networks
  • Whether or not you are a photography superstar, or just a quick point-and-click fanatic, you can be sure that Intensify will be there to get the crazy effects you were hoping for(and some of the ones you weren’t) in the first place. Easily use this incredible tool for revealing details often hidden in photographic images. The presets will amaze you, so many to choose from and literally instant gratification for all that hard photo taking work. You can load up any of the presets and apply them in seconds. You can adjust any level for the presets and create the perfect photo in minutes. It seriously is an incredible tool to have for detail oriented photography that might be missed with a standard shot.

    Following the success of FX Photo Studio, Snapheal and ColorStrokes, MacPhun is hoping to knock another set of photo tools out of the park with Intensify, and with my short few days of usage, I would agree that they do what they set out to do. I don’t have to run some tilt/shift and filters on a photograph to yield the detail enhancements I would like, I can just mess through some presets to find the one I want, and if there is just a little tweaking I’d like to do, you are able to dig deeper to adjust to fine tune the presets MacPhun have set for you.

    Intensify will be available starting today via the Mac App Store, but you can also purchase the Intensify Pro version straight from that will run as both the standalone version(available through the Mac App Store) as well as a plug-in to Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements or Apple Aperture. Installing as the plug-in is extremely simple, after purchasing the ‘Pro’ version and loading up the software, it will recognize which of the above mentioned softwares you have installed, and it will give you the option to install the plug-in.

    Usage is super simple, as all other apps MacPhun have released. For the novice or the pro, loading up an app with 1 specific task is amazing. No fiddling with different tools and brushes to obtain the photo you originally wanted, all you have to do is load up an app and just let your imagination run wild.

    MacPhun have done it again, and I can see why they enjoy 4 of the top 10 spots in the photography category.

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    Intensify Preview from MacPhun on Vimeo.