I am a graduate of the University of Dayton with a B.S. in Mathematics (’94). I have been a gadget guy since I was a little kid. I always liked electronic toys and took them apart to see how they worked. That spurred an interest in Electrical Engineering when I first started college, but it really didn’t fit me well, so switched majors.

I have a wife and two children (14 and 10) and we are all Mac, all day. We converted over four-and-a-half years ago after I purchased my first iPod (30Gb Video). We have since added three Nano’s, two Touches, a Shuffle, and of course, my iPad. I love the intuitiveness of Apple products and so does everyone else in my house. It wasn’t a hard sell with the family, trust me.

I currently work as a Supplier Quality Engineer at AM General-Commercial working on the MV-1 program. I dabble in home repairs and I have started wood working. I have learned so much through the need of getting things done and not having the money to hire someone. I have taught myself that I can do anything that anyone else can do! My next big project is converting my main floor laundry room into a full-blown Mud Room. I don’t know if now it is much about completing a project or getting a new tool/toy….

My interests range from music, movies, and travel to making things that are functional. I don’t believe in fluff and I like things that can stand alone.