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Oh snap! HTC MWC announcements leaked ahead of schedule!

HTC is one of the hottest smartphone manufacturers right now. What can I say — they’re on it. Pretty much every handset they release, even the mid to lower range handsets look nice to the eye, sit well in the hand, and offer plenty in the software to keep us entertained. HTC’s MWC event is tomorrow (or today if you’re in Barcelona for MWC) so it isn’t that far away. However, we being the impatient gadget aficionados that we are, never turn down a good juicy leak. And juicy this is — HTC’s MWC rap sheet out in the wild!

Eschewing normal social trends, we’ll start with the tail end of the excitement and build up to a climatic finish…or you could just skip ahead — your choice.

HTC Touch HD Mini

Like the name implies, the HTC Touch HD Mini is…mini. A miniature version of the full bodied 4.3″ Touch HD that is. For the Touch HD Mini anyway, this early leak is purely visual (read: no specs to chew on for now). Well, alright. Chances are it’ll come stocked with Windows Mobile 6.5. Nothing much to see really. But it sure is pretty, isn’t it?

HTC Legend

Now we’re talkin’. The so called successor to the wildly popular “Hero” that was released in the US on Sprint comes into 2010 with a more classy look with slightly subdued edges. Though in true HTC/Android fashion, that now characteristic chin remains front and center — ready for your grouping.

The specs:

  • Screen: 3.2″ HVGA
  • Navigation: Optical trackpad
  • OS: Android 2.1 w/ Sense UI

HTC Desire (Bravo)

Ah, finally. The cream of the crop, top of the line, kingpin. The HTC Desire (Bravo) is *the* new flagship Android device from HTC. The physical appearance is typical HTC smugness — dark, calm, and subdued. That doesn’t make it any less appealing though.


  • Screen: 3.7″ WVGA
  • Processor: 1GHz Snapdragon
  • Navigation: Optical Trackpad
  • OS: Android 2.1 w/ Sense UI

So what do ya think? Their lineup looks strong and should cater to any price point no? Look for these spec lists to get quite a bit longer in only a few hours as HTC “officially” takes the wrap on these little gems. Want some early speculation? I’m going to say the processor on the mid-range Legend (Hero successor) will be in the 600-700MHz range. What’s your best guess/wishes?


Maemo + Moblin = MeeGo

Talk about a short lifespan — Nokia’s next gen mobile OS, Maemo, was effectively killed today at MWC with the announcement that the companies very own Maemo and Intel’s Moblin would be joining forces and emerge as a completely separate entity dubbed “Meego”. According to Nokia, Meego won’t just be for phones, but for pretty much “anything with a processor on board”. Hmm, the whole Android creep into every device just got a worthy competitor. Interesting

As we’ve all come to realize since the release of the iPhone and App Store, a mobile platform must have a good assortment of apps if it is to survive. For Meego, the Ovi Store will be the go-to standard for mobile apps and most everything else. The only oddity is that the developers actually building applications for Meego will use Intel’s App Center — why the split? Beats me. The fragmentation from the get-go however isn’t the wisest decision I’ve seen.

For those worried about Maemo compatibility: “the next release of Maemo will be 100% compatibile with MeeGo. So Maemo has become MeeGo but will still be separate, developers use Intel’s App Center and consumers download said apps with Nokia’s Ovi Store…Is anyone getting confused yet? I only ask because the name for the next version of Maemo is still undecided — “Maemo 6 or Meego something”?

Why branch Maemo off? Thoughts?


Crank it up. Crank it up real good: The YoGen hand-powered gadget charger.

Venturing into the open world, far from outlets is a gadget lovers worst nightmare. I mean, if we actually use our gadgets like the manufactures market them for, we’ll suck the battery dry in only a few hours. And as already stated, what’s the point of mobile gadgets if your’re always tethered to a wall or not able to venture far from one?

Enter the land of the “YoGen”: a mobile charger powered by the very motions of your hands. It isn’t the first to toy around with human powered charging, however, it is one of the more efficient mobile hand crank style chargers with a 1:1 ratio when compared to standard AC adapter chargers.

As Technabob points out, if it takes two hours for your gadgets to normally charge via AC, the YoGen will take two hours as well. It’s also a good thing the YoGen is small and the range of travel is equally limited as cranking a little lever for 2+ hours non-stop seems a bit daunting. My hand would get tired for sure.

Obviously, the biggest aim for the YoGen is those who are more outdoorsy types of people away from the outlets that run today’s society as well as the gadget junkies who run every radio, have every check box checked, and have the screen brightness cranked way up.

For $40, having access to all of the “free” energy seems to be a pretty sweet deal. Think you’ll pick one up?


[Product Page: YoGen Online Store]

Technabob > Aving

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RIM shows off official Twitter client for BlackBerry

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the official BlackBerry Twitter client is *almost* finally here — in picture form at least. Hey, you can’t touch it yet but at least it’s a more thorough gallery than what some of the leaked images have been showing, right? Anyway, the big deal with the RIM Twitter client is that it will more tightly integrate with the BlackBerry operating system while also running leaner and meaner. Does it live up to the hype? Good question, I don’t have a preview copy. The lucky folks over at BerryReview do, however. So it’s best that you bug them with your questions for now. But before that, a quick rundown of the features:

  • Push push push! Instant notifications
  • Tweets/@mentions/DM’s directly integrated into BB message list
  • Twitter send/share options located in BB menus
  • URL shortening provided by
  • Tied into BlackBerry App World app as to allow tweeting about apps — like comments. (Very cool!)

So what do you think? It’s not the prettiest mobile application I’ve ever seen. That’s understandable though seeing as how RIM hasn’t really ever been the greatest UI designers. It’s function over form mainly. And you know what? That’s not a bad thing in some instances. RIM’s Twitter app faces an uphill battle though. Reports from TechCrunch writer Leena Rao dock the app as super slow and rather bland. Uh oh.

Like it? Excited for it? Want it?


WindowsMobile 7 to feature free navigation apps. WinMo 6.x getting chopped to free?

I don’t cover WidnowsMobile happenings a whole lot but that may soon change. Windows Mobile 7 is looking more and more exciting as MWC draws closer with my only hesitations being focused on the issues of multi-tasking and Marketplace-only app installs. Other than that, it’s looking good. Really good. New word from MS Mobiles today has revealed some exciting news for travelers (and those whom find themselves lost more often than not) — Free navigation!

Much like Android and Symbian already offer, the next version of WindowsMobile will throw in Navigation outright, making the use of standalone units even less necessary for the mass population. I’ve only used the Google Navigation a couple of times but find it highly accurate and easy to use. Microsoft has a nice bullet point on their hands here. It begs the question: If more OS’s come standard with maps and robust navigation capabilities, how much longer will companies such as Garmin, Navigon, and TomTom last in the mobile software realm?

With all of the hub bub surrounding Windows Mobile 7, previous versions of Windows Mobile have been receiving little, if any news coverage. If you’re fishing for some breaking announcement regarding older versions of WM, sorry to say that feature wise, that ship has pretty much set sail. However, there is still good news to be had. The same source of MS Mobiles is also claiming that without a doubt, after Windows Mobile debuts, Microsoft will cut Windows Mobile 6.x down to FREE.

Such a move may increase the number of low to mid-range WM handsets that get released in the next 6-12 months. Though as fast as the mobile world is moving, I don’t see too many people sticking around with WM 6.x, even if it is free.

The rest of the rumors concerning WM 7 such as Xbox and Zune integration as well as a completely revamped UI still stand. With all of the news we’ve seen the last several weeks, 2010 could be the first year I actually want a WinMo device. Traveling in the same boat as me?

Unwired > MS Mobiles

HTC Scorpion claims “most lusted after Android device” title…for the next few days anyway.

Think the HTC Incredible is where it’s at for future Android phones? Sure it’s pretty meaty on paper. But that was last week’s paper. This week is completely different and in need of a new “savior”. The Android desires of lust from last week were powered by wimpy 1.0GHz processors. The HTC Scorpion: 1.5GHz. As excited as I am, I have to stress that this is rumor for now. A rumor I very much hope materializes.

Any doubts you may have can be slightly contained as after looking over that leaked HTC roadmap and also taking into account the recent news of 1.3GHz and 1.5GHz Qualcomm chips dropping later this year, a 1.5GHz device doesn’t seem too far off now does it?

Let’s not forget that the slated release for those new Qualcomm chips wasn’t until later this year. And we also can’t forget that they were just announced this week. Getting back to that 1.5GHz processor mentioned above, the documents surrounding the 1.3 and 1.5GHz processors had the 1.5GHz variant coming to town as a dual-core. Are there going to be more than one chip with this clock speed?

With the release of the above information so close, could it be fake? It’s always a possibility. One that I’m going to really hope is true. I don’t know about you, but I sure would like a 1.5GHz smartphone. My current crop of phones looks less and less significant each and every day. *sigh*


600GB enterprise hard drive now comes in 2.5″ form thanks to Seagate.

  • February 9, 2010 8:53 am
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IT departments of the world: today is your day. While you aren’t always the most technologically savvy — trust me, this is a fact — or on top of the latest and greatest in gadget world, you do at least appreciate a good gadget related tool when you see it. So what would you say after seeing a new 2.5″ 600GB enterprise grade hard drive from Seagate spinning at a harmonious 10,000RPM’s?

I myself would say: “How much?” and “Where can I get one?”. Unfortunately for you and I, the general public can’t just go snap one of these up in your local electronics store. Instead, a special trip to the online computer store of your choice will be warranted. Then again, some prefer to shop only online anyway.

Either way, the 2.5″ drive boasts a mere .44% failure rate meaning the anxiety of being an IT admin should be slightly reduced. Having been there, having a server go down is one of the worst things in the world. With a nice cluster of these Seagate Savvio 10k.4 drives however, it doesn’t have to be. For the normal consumer looking to score big with one of these, expect to pay a pretty penny.


Cyrsis 2 packing the heat this holiday season on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3!

Oh geeze, I know what is going on gadget/gamers wish lists this year — Crysis 2. Even though a good chunk of computers still can’t run the visually demanding and sensory pleasing game, one of the co-devleopers of Crysis (Crytek) aren’t sitting down, content with the still virtually unchallenged work.

Come this holiday season, Crysis will finally be unseated as “the” game to benchmark. It’s been a wonderful couple of years. Heck, besides being a great all around game to play and look at, the game became a standard. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard someone say “But can it run Cyrsis…?”. Such things only happen to the best of the breed.

A new revelation this holiday season for round 2 is that for the first time, console players will be able to get in on the action. After being a PC exclusive for the last couple of years, it will be interesting to see how Crysis does jumping across to different platforms and user markets. And of course, I can’t wait to see the downright beautiful graphics ‘splayed across my screen. See you on Xbox Live this Christmas…

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Retailer internal computer systems never lie — New Macbook Pro’s all but certain.

Are new Macbook Pros right around the corner? You could say the leaked images a couple of days back showing a Core i7 Macbook Pro being put through the paces as nothing more than some clever Photoshop mastery. I’m more of an optimist however. I’m choosing to take the higher road. A road which eventually leads to new, more powerful Macbook Pros. You could say my head is stuck up in the clouds and that I’m a too much of a dreamer. That may be true, but the images above combined with new evidence of disappearing SKU’s in store inventory points to the inevitable — that’s right, new Macbook Pros.

What of these disappearing SKU’s? The image above comes courtesy of some random Best Buy employee. What you’re looking at is the internal system page for the Macbook Pro 13″ — no longer available for order. I haven’t heard of any bizarre display, aluminum, silicon, ram, etc. shortages within the last month so why would they disappear if something newer and better wasn’t about to replace it?

If Apple were still attending Macworld, I’m sure we’d hear of the new hardware then. But, seeing as how they up and left that party, it appears we’ll have to wait until Apple announces their own little shindig or simply uploads the new goods to the store on a Tuesday some not too distant Tuesday morning.

I really don’t care how they do it. I just want my Core i7 17″ Macbook Pro. Anyone else getting antsy?