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HTC Legend poses for the camera.

Would you like some fresh eye candy to gaze at? Ok, have a looksie at this here HTC Legend. A fine specimen for a smartphone visually speaking. Unfortunately for now, any hardware specs to go by out no where in sight. Unfortunately, scientists have been unable to get smartphones to work on hopes and dreams.

Looking at the pics above and below, the old Sense UI isn’t boding well for a Snapdragon sighting. With that said, anything less than a Snapdragon processor in 2010 is a shameful excuse for a phone and a waste of time frankly. That fact is magnified even more by the device’s name — “The Legend”. A 528MHz Legend just won’t do, will it? HTC, will you do us right with the “Incredible”?


The iBook G4 Clock.

It’s the weekend. Time to relax right? Right! So how about a little more light hearted reading? Or maybe you’re looking for a small weekend project to keep you occupied? Well, I’m going to kill two birds with one stone here: The iBook G4 Clock.

If you’ve got an old iBook G4 sitting around or you know where to pick one up cheap, ripping out the internals and turning it into something a bit more useful in the age of Macbook Pros and quad-core mobile processors seems just about right.

If you’re not into the whole “weekend project” type of thing you’re in luck. Someone is doing the work for you and asking a small $75 fee for the trouble. If you’re intrigued, that someone goes by the name “pixelinfo” and can be found selling the iBook G4 Clock over on her Etsy page. Have at it.

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Frankestein SSD-like storage on the cheap with the HDDBOOST.

Want a gadget to nominate in the “gadget/invention of the year” award? Look no further than the HDDBOOST. It’s a super simple concept: a small box that has SATA connections for SSD and traditional spinning drives. The beauty of it is that the SSD you plug in (32GB recommended) acts as a big buffer to the slower, spinning hard drive, allowing you to only access the old giant when you need to directly access files.

The pro’s are of course added system speed in general computing tasks thanks to the SSD but at a more affordable price thanks to cheap spinning hard drive storage. The cons are the validity of the 150% speed increase claim seeing as there isn’t any software based optimization. It’s nothing more than an automatic copy of the most used files. Is 150% really obtainable? The other “aw bummer” moment is the Japan only availability for the time being.

Look on the bright side though, it’s only $55 so what do you have to lose?

Gizmodo > Hexus

Criminals going straight 140. Twitter regulation coming to Mexico?

Ever heard the term the “minority ruin it for the majority”?  I’m not knocking on minorities like one typically thinks here.  I’m knocking on “minorities” such as criminals — always ruining things for us more legally abiding folk.  Take for instance social networking sites, focusing more on Twitter.  It’s fast.  It’s easy.  It’s convenient.  That’s why a massive group of consumers use it.  Just as it’s easy for us consumers, criminals have taken a liking to the popular micro blogging service as it allows them to mobilize and spread information to one or many quickly and easily. This less kosher usage of Twitter is making it easier for criminals and conversely, harder for law enforcement.  Naturally, some overbearing politician is pushing a knee-jerk reaction through legislation.

Count your lucky stars US residents as this Twitter/social networking regulation bill is currently moving it’s way through the Mexican government, though I’m sure it won’t take too long for a similar bill to move it’s way through our judicial halls.

In this bill you’re sure to find your typical invasive and unrealistic goals/mandates as is mandated by the select few politicians, making rules and laws concerning something they know very little about — the internet…or basically anything digital. So far it’s meeting increasing opposition from various government officials and countless civilians. Come to think of it however, since when has “the voice of the people” succeeded in the government realm?

Knee-jerkers: They suck for me. They suck for you. They suck for everyone.


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WordPress for Android is out!

Well isn’t his a pleasant surprise? It is Tuesday. A seemingly void of a day that is too far form the weekend mainland it recently left and still far too distant from the saving grace of Friday. And yet there is something worth getting excited over tonight — if you’re a WordPress user and Android aficionado.

The official WordPress Android app that we’ve talked about a couple of times before is finally available in the Android Market for FREE! So how does it stack up? I’ve been using it for all of 20 minutes so far. I’ll need a little bit longer to get a better impression. But the feature set is respectable: write/edit blog posts, moderate/reply to comments, new comment notifications, and multiple blog support.

An interesting little factoid: WordPress for Android is built off of the source code for wp2go so fundamentally it isn’t too far removed. The developers have tweaked a few things and sped up the app a bit though. A fresh coat of UI polish has also been added so it’s not the same exact thing in case you were worried. If you are still worried, give the video below a few minutes of your time.

The big zingers here for me are the multiple blog support and new comment notification features. Head on over to the Android Market and let us know what your favorite (or not so favorite) features are. Aaaaannnnd GO!



Bluetooth 3.0 packin’ Samsung S8500 get’s club member nod.

With WiFi transforming more and more into the one stop shop for wireless transmissions/communications, Bluetooth it seemed was all but washed up. I mean, there isn’t any reason to support two wireless standards when only one is needed. But those behind Bluetooth press on.

The formal Bluetooth 3.0 spec was announced way back in April of 2009 — so very long ago. It wasn’t until…now…February 2010 that we are finally seeing the first Bluetooth 3.0 phone get a nod from the Bluetooth Special Interests Group. Besides having bragging rights to “world’s first Bluetooth 3.0 phone”, a 3.1″ OLED display and quad-band GPRS/EDGE radios round out the otherwise rather average feature set of the Samsung S8500.

Don’t get too excited/depressed just yet. The specs we know of so far were provided by Samsung and are preliminary. Also, the almighty electronic gatekeeper, the FCC, has yet to even get their hands on this new age hotness so any release is at least a month or two off.

Anyone’s vision getting blurred by that big 3.0?


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Run OS X 10.3 (albeit painfully slow) on a Nokia N900!

OS X 10.3 + Nokia N900 = All kinds of geeky smiles. I know that mobile phones are gaining power and versatility by the day, but damn! Have you ever seen such a “modern” OS running on such a mobile device? Then again, if you call a 90+ minute boot-up time “modern” or “fast”, you deserve to be drop kicked in the face.

Moving on…the heroics of this feat come from the land of Finland, by a man who goes by the name of ” Toni Nikkanen”. Actually spending the time to get all of this digital tom foolery to work tells us two things. (1) It’s either very boring up there in Finland or (2) this man just really loves his electronics. I’ll let you decide. But that’s besides the point.

Using the knowledge contained within his nerdy little head and an N900 app called “PearPC” to emulate the PowerPC evironment, Toni was able to install OS X 10.3 (Panther) onto his beloved N900. The “damn” and other implied excitement above are a bit early unfortunately as the N900 simply can’t keep up with the demands that “modern OS” requests as highlighted by the 90+ minute boot time above, resulting in slow and pretty much useless interaction with the device and OS itself in it’s current form. ‘Tis a shame.

Hopefully someone with the know how could take this proof of concept and widdle it down further into an actual usable model. Until then, enjoy the video below showing off that feature film length boot time. Hey, it may be slow and unusable, but you can’t knock the guy for tryin’, right?


Engadget > Toni Nikkanen

Crack open a cold one and stare into the dark, trippy depths of the Getty Lamp…

Have a few hours to blow? Why not crack open a cold one (ok, a few cold ones) and stare into the abyss that is the Getty Lamp. No, there isn’t any new age, super secretive gadget working in the background or some futuristic service that will make your nightly routine any easier. It’s just a lamp. But a cool lamp at that.

The design is rather trippy, featuring electroluminescent wire, perspex, and a nice little number of 1 - 10. These ultra slick lamps are as the numbers suggest, are a limited run venture with a rather low production run — 10. Count them, 10 Getty Lamps to get your hands on. Seeing as how they’re (1) ultra modern (2) limited edition of 10 and (3) price is “available upon request” means only those with enough money to buy their own island will likely be able to afford one.

Still, this is one of the few times where it’s ok to stare. Have at it.

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Netflix CEO sealing his companies fate: “….iPhone/iPad streaming not a priority…”

Normally I’m not one to tell of impending doomsday tales and other nonsense. It more often than not ends up being nothing buy hype and fear mongering. But the type of doomsday I’m talking about today isn’t for the human race. Instead, it’s about Netflix.

Netflix has been a widly popular movie rental service for many years now. While other traditional brick and mortar stores such as Blockbuster have been having red ink stained year after red ink stained year, Netflix has somehow maintained to grow, despite their business model still relying more on physical media. Is that reliance going to be the death of them?

Now I realize that the iPhone and iPad are hardly the universal norm, far from it in fact. But the rate at which the iPhone in particular has grown as well as the amount of mobile apps and data consumed show that consumers want plenty of rich content on the go. The iPhone/iPad and many other mobile platforms offer a housing for such content. Many publishers, producers, developers, and so on are getting on board with the mobile revolution as people spend more and more time away from traditional desktop computers and spending more time interacting with mobile devices — everyone except Netflix.

In response to Wednesday’s iPad announcement, Netflix CEO stated that “iPad and iPhone streaming are not a current priority”. He goes on saying that while they’re not working on anything right now, it is something they’re looking into for future expansion. Um, hello? The time to “look” was back in 2007 when the iPhone was released. Now into 2010 its way past late.

To recap, I’m not saying that everyone and their mother needs to support the iPhone and Apple. What I’m saying is that Netflix in particular and any media company in the modern world needs to embrace the mobile sphere of technology. Keeping your company in what they know and what is currently doing good, getting caught up in a “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” way is a dangerous trap. Such thinking has over the years led to countless companies withering into obscurity and eventually dying out.

It’s almost impossible to think about or rationalize now, but, could Netflix become the next Blockbuster? Are they turning into the very same company that they conquered in years past?

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