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“Blastin On Maps That Start With de_” - In Real Life!!

Aram Bartholl has filed a proposal to bring us a real life 1:1 scale of one of the most memorable maps from Counter Strike: Source - de_dust. If you have no idea what this map or game is, you might want to give GadgetSteria a rest and head on over to your local game retailer, or download and install Steam - and purchase the game. You’ll be addicted and stuck for hours playing the best first person shooter every created.

Anyways, back to the story… Bartholl is hoping to get funding for this project from Rhizome to create a magnificent real life version of the 1999 created map. Can you even being to imagine if you are familiar with this map? I’d love to run around with a paintball gun, throw some flash bangs down the ‘long hall.’ Oh god, how much fun would this be!!! It seems that he is seeking $5500, which would cover the research and communication of the project. Not sure what the total price tag would be for a real life scaled map, but I would start up an interweb petition to help fund it! Bartholl is known for his creation of the life size Google Map Pin, as well as dropping some wooden crates into real life spots - which is also from de_Dust!

Hop on in for the proposal, and if you have tons of money, please donate! I might have to make another one of those GadgetSteria AMEX purchases to bring this map to life.
Anyone up for some CS:S this evening? I could use a headshot or two!

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Arizona Police Department Catches a Break - Amy Winehouse On The Other Hand…

Well, just an hour or so after the latest infodump of the Arizona Police department via Anonymous, we get some more late night lulz. While Anonymouse are terrorizing the government and law enforcement, the lulz on the wide open sea of internets is focusing on more of the talent side of corruption. Amy Winehouse’s website was swagged all over.

I was up posting on the Police department dump when I noticed a (1) in the Twitter browser of the Anonymous feed and checked it out to see a ReTweet of the hackings of the website. The Twitter, and the defacement are being claimed by SwagSec. I actually am kinda digging the site defacement. Upon entering the site to get a screen shot, I couldn’t help but lulz all over the place. I really wish I could be in Amy Winehouse’s mansion next to her when she checks her site tomorrow morning.

The screen capture might contain some words that may be offensive, so please enter at your own risk. While looking at the image, have this song playing in the background, as this is what was playing off of the website.

We’ll try to keep you apprise to all the lullerskates we find.

So jump on in for the screen capture

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Arizona Police Department Dumped On Once Again - AntiSec = 2 - APD = :( [Update]

Update - *Anonymous have released a video to finish off the lulzy day - included after the break*

The Lulz just keep on coming against Arizona’s finest. This time it’s by the extremely well known anonymous group Anonymous. With LulzSec boom headshotting the APD only a few short time ago - no time is wasted to bring the pain just a tad bit more. The latest info-dump contains the personal information of around 1200 different officers. Not only your usual email usernames and passwords, included in the mix are credit card numbers and even more. If you wade through the over9000 emails, you’ll see some racists remarks of ‘ragheads’ getting beat down, pr0n, even some smutty sex offending officers.

We’ll see what the coming weeks bring for the ChingaLaMigra movement against the controversial Arizona Border Bastards. It seems the AntiSec movement isn’t going to let up with the retirement of LulzSec . We have seen Anonymous for a long while now, there was a tad spat between them and LulzSec, but after joining forces I was hoping to see nothing but interlulz. It’s nice to seem them still at it. And from their Twitter Feed, we’ll be seeing a lot of lulz in the coming days. Of course, we’ll keep you posted.

Hop on in for the pastebin release from Anonymous
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SpringBoard Invaders Creates Time Machine That Only Goes To 1978

Anyone remember that amazing arcade game from the late 70′s? Space Invaders - one of the most addicting games I have ever played. We actually have one of the original units at our GS headquarters that gets used day in and day out. It usually ends up making me happy and Mike mad, but that is what you get when you are a n00b at the 70s type pwning like he is.

Anyways, now that it is 2011, we have iPhones. If you are like us, you probably have your iPhone Jailbroken which means you are rocking tons of emulators. Playing legendary games like Super Mario Bros., Excite Bike, Battle Toads, and even some Atari games. Whether or not, you probably have at least heard of Space Invaders, or have had the high score in your local pizza parlor or arcade.

But thanks to the amazing 3rd party app/tweak devs that are out and about - Velocity Apps - we have the gem that is SpringBoard Invaders!! This amazing tweak turns an extra added SpringBoard page into a widget style game that lets you pwn all the retina icons you want…

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50 Days and 50 Nights On the Lulz Boat - Noah Would Be Proud!!

Well, LulzSec just released a statement - their final statement. For the past 50 days, LulzSec has been making a mockery and lullerskating all over the interweb security - among the fallen are; PBS, FBI Affiliates, Facebook, Twitter and PayPal. We’ve been tailing the Boat for a while now here at the GS headquarters, and I must say, I’ve been rofling since the very beginning.

I have always enjoyed the hacking scene. Busting through security with simple injections has always got me going. Whether it be hacking into websites, or simply backwards programing to crack software/games. For the past while The Lulz Boat has been heading full steam at your interwebs and terrorizing everyone in it’s wake. With their latest canons being fired at the Arizona Police Department in a campaign named ‘Chinga La Migra(Fuck the Border Patrol) it seemed the internets were forever doomed.

But that all changes tonight as LulzSec has announced their retirement…
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Conan Takes An Apple Sized Dump All Over Final Cut Pro X

With the recent release of Final Cut Pro X from Apple in the past few days, we’ve seen nothing but trolls shite talking Apples massively popular video/film editing software. I have personally used the software, and I will agree that it is crazily downgraded. My wife is a big iMovie fan, and with using both that and older version of Final Cut Pro I know what sets the two items apart. With this release we have an iMovie on steroids(dismal amounts of steroids) or a stupid version of Final Cut Pro. As one of the GS headquarters biggest Apple Fanboys - I’m kind of at a loss and can’t really back the Cupertino giant up. It’s upsetting that Apple cut out so many popular and necessary items from the release, and many are letting ‘em have it!

One in particular is a clip that was featured on a recent episode of the Conan O’Brien Show. The crew at the Conan show piece together a video - of course using Final Cut Pro X - to demonstrate the awesomeness that is Final Cut Pro X. What we are left with is a humorously incredible - magical - clip highlighting some of the great features the latest version will give us.

It has been reported in the last few hours that Apple is actually refunding some users that are unsatisfied with their experience with the editing software. Even though Apple states that ‘all sales are final’ they seem to be ponying up the cash to treat their customers right. What do you think? Should Apple refund? Should they offer a trial period so users can get a feel of the experience before a purchase? Will this create a bunch of douchebags asking for refunds because they don’t like the way iPhoto fattens their asses?

Either way, hop on in to check out the clip - if you were too old to stay up the other night!!!

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Gadgetsteria Invites You To A Really Angry Pignic - Please Watch Out For Birdie Droppings

As we informed you yesterday, the newest installment of the Angry Birds Seasons game was to be released soon. Little did we know it would be out today! I can 100% verify that the game was pushed through iTunes as a 1.5.0 update on the App Store. The game is free if you already have purchased Seasons, if not - $.99

The Summer edition features:
-30 Jam-packed new levels, one per day for a month
-Sunny summer theme
-Fun summer greeting cards to send to your friends

So hop on into the App Store and give the newest update a try, and once you have it installed, never leave your mom’s basement again!!!!

Apple TV - Actual TV - Set for Fall Release??

Well, the rumors may hopefully come to fruition - Apple might be set to deliver us a display that will pwn all displays - EVER! I’ve had many a dry and wet dream of this day, as I did dreaming of when Apple would make a phone. The rumors have always been high, which makes sense from the sweet arse Cinema Displays that have been released with the Apple Brand.

But think about it, a full fledged Television - Apple Logo - Small remote - Even an iPhone/iPod remote - iTunes built in - iCloud doing cloudy things above it - really, think about it! “Sources” close to DailyTech whisper sweet nothings (hopefully somethings) in our ears involving a really neat relationship between a major Display OEM and Apple that will bring us super cool eye candy, and something that our kids (by which I mean us) can sit too close too. A former Apple Exec says that Apple is planning on “blowing Netflix and all those other guys away!” The TV will most likely have the AppleTV and iTunes bundled inside of it - INSIDE!!!!!

So what do you readers at home think? Good idea for Apple to dip their toes into the television world? Personally, I only think it is worth it if they will make my TV experience ‘Magical.’ They really need to ‘revolutionize’ the crappy TV I have sitting in front of me now. I think bundling the AppleTV and iTunes will be a neat idea, but I also think they should really integrate the iDevice family. Maybe something along the lines of how Nintendo is doing it with the new remotes, but with Apple cores and seeds. We’ll see this fall/Holiday season if the rumors will once again be squashed, or if it will bring a new iProduct into my househould. Small question still lingers though - with AppleTV already taken, what could ‘ol Stevie name it???
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Rovio Tickles and Teases Us With New Angry Birds Seasons Video: Gadgetsteria Crew Needs Time Alone

Rovio has posted a new teaser video which shows a Summer addition to their ‘Seasons’ line, humorously named “Summer Pignic.”
As everyone already knows - the boys down here at GS love to drink beverages and play Angry Birds, it’s no secret. But what you might not know is that we are impatient and hate waiting!!!

No release date as of yet, but keep checking back here, as well as at RovioMobile’s YouTube page on some surprises for the Summer!

Hop on in for the teaser video!

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